Class Act School Program Launches – Let’s Keep It Going

Class Act LogoAt its annual Sportsmanship Conference the CIAC officially launched its new sportsmanship initiative the Class Act Schools program. 74 schools have elected to opt-in to the voluntary program, and we hope those numbers will continue to grow as schools are able to learn about the program and put together its student sportsmanship leadership council.

While CIAC is thrilled schools have signed up for the program already, it’s important to note that choosing to be a part of the program is only a first step as we hope being involved in the program provides a platform to promote sound sportsmanship in our schools. Here are a few suggestions for schools as they move forward and work to grow their Class Act programs.

  • First of all, if you haven’t yet signed up your school as a Class Act School, the link is available in the CIAC Online Eligibility Center. Click on the Class Act School banner in the upper left corner and then provide the necessary information — including the names of your student leader and those on your student class act council.
  • Make sure your students, and student leadership (along with coaches and parents) are aware and familiar with the sportsmanship standards that are part of the Class Act program.
  • Don’t let your school or students accept the status quo when it comes to sportsmanship. Use the program as a way to encourage the students to strive to do better and challenge/change sportsmanship behavior.
  • CIAC has created an optional public address announcement Class Act Schools can read prior to events. The copy can be found by clicking here.
  • To help you promote this program in your school, we have two companies sponsoring signs and t-shirts displaying our “Class Act” logo at drastically reduced prices.
  • Check out the “Social/Sharing” tab of the Class Act Schools page for videos and audio promotions created by other schools that could be used as a template for your school to promote your Class Act goals and initiatives.
  • Encourage the student groups to be creative in how they work to improve and highlight positive sportsmanship (including participation in the CAS-CIAC Battle of the Fans competition).
  • Students should seek out ideas from other schools and promote their own programs using social media or other communication. This program will work best if all schools are encouraging each other to make sportsmanship a priority and sharing best practices.

This program is in its infancy and its success is dependent on the commitment of the schools that choose to take part. Though the details have not yet been established CIAC will be working to find ways to follow up with schools that choose to be a part of the Class Act Program to see how it’s being implemented and gauge its effectiveness.

We hope this program provides an exciting opportunity to empower students and make a significant impact on the schools that choose to take part. As always you can go to or contact the CIAC directly for more information.



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