New CIAC Pitch Limits and Reporting In Effect

As schools are hopefully well aware of by now all CIAC baseball programs must use the new pitching limitation rule at all levels. A copy of the rule can be found on page 2 of the 2017 baseball packet – We ask schools to help insure that that all coaches, including sub varsity coaches receive a copy of the new rules so that they can comply.

In order to properly evaluate this pitching limitation rule at the end of the year all baseball programs MUST electronically enter the pitch count for each athlete who pitches in a varsity contest at the conclusion of each game. The program we have set up is very simple and can be used for all levels if you wish to keep those records but only the varsity pitch counts are required. The link to enter pitch counts can be found on the school’s “submit scores/forms” page which is exactly where scores are entered.

If coaches do not have an access code to reach that page, they can communicate with their athletic director to set one up.

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