Eligibility Changes Reminder

CIAC wanted to offer thanks for the suggestions and a reminder on recent changes to the Eligibility Center.

Recent updates to the Online Eligibility Center incorporates the following changes:

1) The Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday schedule on the General tab has been altered so you may now choose to display any date within the current school year.

On the display of that schedule there are now buttons which will allow you to initiate or process changes to the events. The action of the button on each event will vary depending on the event type and its current status:

– If the event has a pending change which you need to process, you can do so without leaving the Eligibility Center;

– If the event is vs. a single opponent and has a corresponding opponent’s record, you can initiate a change request to your opponent without leaving the Eligibility Center;

– If the event is a home multi-opponent event and has a corresponding record, you can process an immediate change for you and your opponents without leaving the Eligibility Center;

– If the event requires a support ticket to make a change, you can open a ticket without leaving the Eligibility Center;

– Otherwise, if the event is a practice or a tournament, a scrimmage or postseason event without a corresponding opponents record, or a middle school, non-CIAC sport, miscellaneous school event or school holiday event, the action button will take you directly to the editor for the appropriate schedule. After editing the schedule, when you return to the Eligibility Center the daily schedule will be on the same date so you can continue to work with that day’s events.

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