Connecticut Students Share #MyReasonWhy

Last fall, the National Federation of State High School Associations launched its #MyReasonWhy campaign. The program is aimed at highlighting all the reasons students choose to participate in high school sports and activities, and what those specific programs can offer that is unique to education-based athletics and activities. Inspired by the campaign, we asked some Connecticut high school student leaders to share their perspective and explain #MyReasonWhy

We hope this is only the beginning and even more students across the state will be inspired to share their stories and perspectives on the positive benefits and experiences of high school sports and activities. Students can submit their stories at and share their perspective on social media using the hashtag #MyReasonWhy. You can also submit your stories to jcooksonatcasciacdotorg and the CIAC will share them as well. Let’s spread the word on all the great stories in the world of high school sports in Connecticut.



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