Video of the Week from CAS/CIAC partners Developing a Success Mindset

In the first of our weekly videos created for educators, coaches, athletes and parents, inCourage provides simple techniques for creating a Success Mindset.

Presented by Dr. Marianne Engle, a licensed clinical psychologist and sports psychologist, the video includes actionable strategies for coaches and athletic directors.

According to Dr. Engle, “A success mindset empowers your athletes to love their sport and their progress. By coaching with a success mindset you can develop more of these valuable players.”

Dr. Engle is on the faculty of the NYU Langone Medical School and has held faculty appointments at Harvard, MIT, and UCSD

Please watch the brief video below and visit incourage.comto learn more with the inCourage Game Plan for creating a successful Mindset, a toolkit created for educators and coaches.

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