CIAC Launches Centennial Celebration

CHESHIRE, Conn. – The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) will kick off its Centennial Celebration in the coming weeks, celebrating the 100-year history of the organization with a variety of events, features, fan interactions, recognition events, and more. The Centennial Celebration will run through the 2021 CIAC Spring Championships.

CIAC was founded on May 5, 1921 and the celebration will be highlighting all facets of the  100-years of interscholastic activities. There will be extensive content on and across the CIAC social media platforms spotlighting legendary athletes, coaches, and programs. It will celebrate trailblazers and tell the stories of what has made the high school sports experience so special for a century.

“Over the past century, the CIAC has provided exceptional education-based athletic experiences for Connecticut’s student-athletes,” stated CAS-CIAC Executive Director Glenn Lungarini. “Participation in CIAC events fosters a student-athlete’s cognitive, social, emotional, mental, and physical well-being through their passion for sports. The strong history and traditions of CIAC’s past continue to drive our organization’s future as we seek innovative ways to engage our student-athletes in experiences that empower them to become tomorrow’s leaders. However, we never lose sight of the fact that our success, and that of our student-athletes, will be measured by the number of meaningful relationships we have developed along the way and their impact on the next generation. At CIAC, we honor the past, we treasure the present, and we dream for the next 100 years.”

The Centennial Celebration slogan of “It Doesn’t Happen W1th0ut Y0u”, as seen above, is intended to encourage the millions of athletes, coaches, and fans impacted by the experience and values of high school sports to share their memories, photos, and videos. Many of those items will be shared on a special digital dashboard which will appear on beginning this spring where the public can view, share memories and watch videos produced in conjunction with the Centennial Celebration.

“We eagerly look forward to hearing from schools and the public at large about their high school sports memories, experiences and lessons learned,” explained John Holt, the Centennial Celebration production coordinator. “It’s a special time to celebrate and appreciate a century of high school sports in Connecticut. What imprint has it left on your life?”

The Celebration will have a period dedicated to spotlighting stories for each CIAC-sponsored sport. Among the first Centennial events will be the announcement of a 25-player “All-Century Team” in boys and girls basketball in conjunction with the CIAC Boys and Girls Basketball Championships.

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