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Maggie Bolduc, Senior, Parish Hill High School
“During this time my family and I have been making cards with funny jokes and matching pictures to send to nursing homes! We made 20 cards today and will be making more over the course of the next two weeks!!!

My family has also been making cloth masks for nurses and hospital workers to use!! We’ve already made 40 masks and people are donating fabric for us to make from so that will keep going as well!!”

Sydney Molaver, Junior, Brien McMahon High School
“My family and I went on a walk, it was around 2 miles total, but we also brought our dogs for some exercise and we also brought a giant trash bag and some gloves.

On my walk with my family we picked up 16 pounds of trash, (yes I weighed it!). The amount of trash was insane, but it was a good way to get a little exercise in, spend time with family (outside the house), and do something good while we are social distancing!”

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