CIAC 8-20-20 Update Following DPH Meeting

CIAC 8-20-20 Update Following DPH Meeting

CHESHIRE, Conn. – The CIAC met virtually this evening with the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

The more than two-hour meeting demonstrated the commitment that both the CIAC and DPH share in providing safe, meaningful, interscholastic athletic experiences for our students. The meeting allowed the CIAC to better understand the change in DPH’s position and recommendations for interscholastic athletics from late July to their August 13, 2020 letter.

Tomorrow, the ReOpen CT Rules Committee, as part of their meeting, will discuss the inconsistency between DPH recommendations for CIAC interscholastic athletics and non-CIAC sanctioned sport activities. The CIAC welcomes the additional dialogue that will continue following the Rules Committee meeting.

The CIAC believes that our continued collaborations with DPH will provide a clear direction for fall interscholastic athletics in the near future. The CIAC will update our membership and student-athletes after our Board of Control has had an opportunity to review the information learned in tonight’s discussion.




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