Guidance For Girls Volleyball Season

The CIAC with approval from our Sports Medicine Committee has recommended the use of face coverings in the sport of volleyball to mitigate aerosolization risks of person-to-person spread of infectious droplets.  This requirement to wear face coverings was presented to the Connecticut Department of Public Health at a meeting on Friday, September 11. CIAC has received approval from our Sports Medicine Committee, as was suggested by DPH, to proceed with volleyball this fall and therefore are continuing with this sport.

The following is from the letter we received on September 14 from DPH: “With respect to the changes you propose for indoor volleyball, DPH acknowledges that your proposal for the use of a close-fitting face covering by all participants may reduce the risk of virus transmission during this activity. As we have said in the past, we recommend that any changes CIAC intends to make to how any sport they sanction is traditionally played be vetted through your Sports Medicine Committee to ensure that they are in agreement with the safety of those changes, especially those to be used during competitive play. In this case, we would recommend checking back with that Committee to verify that their previous recommendation against face coverings during vigorous physical activity (as indicated in your most recent document) has changed and that they are now comfortable allowing it.”

Please contact Gregg Simon at CIAC if you have questions regarding this issue.

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