The maps and tables below show the COVID-19 Status of CIAC member schools.

Schools located in towns color-coded as grey, yellow, or orange may proceed with offering winter interscholastic sports as recommended in this guidance. The CIAC, in consultation with the CSMS Sports Medicine Committee, strongly encourages schools located in towns color-coded as red to suspend game competitions and restrict all interscholastic athletic experiences to conditioning and low risk non-contact sport specific skill work limited to the school’s campus. Any schools located in towns that are color-coded as red that choose to continue with game competition must communicate with the administration of their opponent prior to playing any contest. The administrations of both schools must agree to continue with the scheduled competition when either team is coming from or going to a school located in a red town. Schools located in red towns should consult their administration and local DPH to ensure that continuation of winter sport activities is appropriate given that school’s/town’s COVID environment. Any member school that elects to suspend game competition may continue low risk non-contact sport specific skill work and conditioning provided that such activity has been approved by school administration and the local DPH.

The CIAC’s rationale for these category experiences is based on its belief that maintaining a level of in-person instruction is the primary goal of our member schools and association. The value of structured physical activity is widely supported in research, especially when isolation experiences are increased. As such, when safe, the CIAC will provide the best conference and/or regional sport experiences possible to our member schools. When conference and/or regional play is not supported by COVID metrics, the CIAC will seek to allow member schools to continue engaging their students in low risk school specific activities. Furthermore, when necessary to address spiking COVID metrics, the CIAC will suspend all interscholastic activities for the safety of our students and school communities.

The info below includes data from . It will be updated weekly using CT DPH data.

MapListing By School

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