CIAC February 18th Update – Winter and Spring Sports

CIAC February 18th Update – Winter and Spring Sports

CHESHIRE, Conn –  Following recently revised guidance from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the CIAC met with representatives from the Connecticut Department of Public Health and Governor Lamont’s office to discuss how those revisions may impact interscholastic athletics. Following that meeting, the CIAC formally requested consideration from the Connecticut DPH to revisit the winter sports of competitive cheerleading, competitive dance, wrestling, indoor track jumping events, and the spring sport of boys lacrosse.

In alignment with DPH’s detailed response and guidance, the CIAC Board of Control acted to permit virtual competition for competitive cheerleading and competitive dance beginning on March 1. Mask wearing will be required with the exception of brief removal of the masks by individuals engaged in stunts, lifts, tumbling and other acrobatics. Masks must immediately be put back on after those specific activities are completed. Complete COVID protocols and mitigating strategies for cheer and dance must be followed and will be redistributed to member schools next week.

In alignment with DPH’s recommendation, the CIAC Board of Control will continue with only conditioning and non-contact skill building in the sport of wrestling.

The board set March 1 as the date schools may begin indoor track dual meets. Those competing in running events must wear masks. In alignment with DPH, those competing in jumping activities will be allowed to remove their mask during the approach and jump before putting the mask back on after the jump is complete.  All other previously approved COVID protocols and mitigating strategies for indoor track must be followed.

The CIAC is in the process of developing COVID mitigating plans for all spring sports, which will begin on March 27, with the first contest date on April 10. The final date for regular season games to count toward the state tournament will be May 27. The CIAC plans on holding traditional spring sports tournaments from June 1 through June 13.

The CIAC Board of Control discussed fans/spectator attendance at winter sport events and reaffirmed its current position. CIAC’s current position recommends that fans/spectators not be allowed, however, due to the complexity of venues around the state, leaves the discretion of allowing fans/spectators to each local district. If a district chooses to allow fans, all DECD sector rules for fan/spectator attendance at sporting events should be followed.

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