Hartford Healthcare Offers Tips To Be Your Best For The Big Game

Hartford Healthcare Offers Tips To Be Your Best For The Big Game


Many things go through an athlete’s mind leading up to the big game; how best to prepare to be at peak performance, managing nerves to get into the right frame of mind, and how to stay injury free just to name a few.  It’s difficult to find all the information needed in one spot!  The CIAC has partnered with Hartford Healthcare for tomorrow’s CT High School Football Championships.  We thought the night before the CIAC football state championships would be a great time to share HHC’s knowledge to make sure you’re at your best for the next big game, no matter the sport.

The experts at Hartford Healthcare have compiled helpful information on topics popular for student athletes and parents, alike. We hope you find this information helpful and please share with the athletes in your life.


“Game Day Rituals” https://healthnewshub.org/make-sure-your-pre-game-ritual-includes-these-4-things/

“Managing Game Day Jitters” https://healthnewshub.org/manage-game-day-jitters-with-these-3-sports-psychologist-approved-strategies/

“ Multi-Sport Athletes” https://healthnewshub.org/are-multi-sport-youth-athletes-less-prone-to-overuse-injuries/

Protein Power”https://healthnewshub.org/four-steps-to-picking-the-perfect-protein-powder/

“Should athletes turn to energy drinks?” https://healthnewshub.org/should-athletes-turn-to-energy-drinks-for-enhanced-performance/

“ Can You Drink Too Much Water?https://healthnewshub.org/is-it-possible-to-drink-too-much-water/

Kinesiology Tape, Does It Work?” (KT) https://healthnewshub.org/does-kt-tape-really-work-yes-if-an-expert-is-involved/

“How to pick the right Knee Brace” https://healthnewshub.org/five-common-types-of-knee-braces-and-how-to-pick-the-right-one-for-you/

“Motion Assessment Can Help Your Game” https://healthnewshub.org/how-a-motion-analysis-assessment-can-take-your-sports-performance-to-the-next-level/

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