Linked Up – 9/20/2012

Oxford football

Bucky Gumbrewicz, wearing the No. 69 jersey of former teammate Brandon Giordano, and Brennen Diaz march to the pregame coin toss vs. Immaculate on Saturday. Photo Jason Rearick / News-Times

A wide assortment of links today, some of them going back to action from this past weekend.

  • From the Connecticut Post: An in-depth look at how athletics programs are finding solutions to budget concerns. It seems like finances will always going be a challenge for athletics departments, and there is value in discovering how different programs are adapting.
  • From the Danbury News-Times: A follow-up piece to the previous story looks at whether so-called “pay-to-play” programs can work for some schools.
  • From the Edmonds Beacon: A simply story about the appeal of high school sports. Not a lot of frills in this piece, just a straightforward explanation detailing the magical moments that can happen on the scholastic sports field.
  • From Author Mark Hyman has written a book about the business of youth sports. This piece discusses the challenges and cost of immersing students in youth programs as well as some of the businesses that have sprung up to try and aide students hoping to earn scholarships.
  • From the Greenwich Time: A look at how two football teams used their season-opening games as chances to heal. Sadly this will not be the last time a high school team must deal with tragedies, but it is always heart warming to see the comfort the games can provide.
  • From the Waterbury Republican-American: The games are over, and the excitement of winning the title may have passed. But for high school teams, a reminder of the title is ever present for current and future players.
  • From the Bristol Press: This isn’t exactly the type of story that will always be included in “Linked Up” but this event hosted by St. Paul Catholic is for a good cause. Dig Pink is a great national program so look out for other opportunities to support the endeavor.
  • From the NFHS: The National Federation of State High School Associations has designated October National High School Activities Month. Take a look to see some of the ways that schools can celebrate.
  • From the Hartford Courant: Ben Boscarino has not listened to a childhood diagnosis that suggested he would never again compete in sports. A remarkable story of persistence.
  • From the Meriden Record-Journal: A profile of Bob Neubauer, who will be inducted into the Connecticut High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Some great stories in there, including a pair of 20-something inning baseball games.

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