Linked Up – 10/2/2012

Linked Up – 10/2/2012

Likely the only version of Linked Up this week features stories on a variety of topics, including several Title IX themed pieces. Looking through the prism of Title IX there is also a great story from Indiana about a girl who demonstrated some outstanding sportsmanship on the golf course.

California athletics directors

Three California athletics directors are thriving as the number of female athletic directors increases. Marin Independent Journal photo by Alan Dep.

  • From the Women’s Media Center: A very heartfelt piece from the CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation providing her views on the immense benefits of the sports experience for high school girls.
  • From the Marin Independent Journal: A profile of three female high school athletics directors and the challenges and excitement they see in that position. For comparison, there are currently 25 female ADs in Connecticut, which leads to a percentage roughly equivalent to the one mentioned in the story.
  • From the New Haven Register: From the Register’s very entertaining New Haven 200 series, here’s a look at the formation of the Southern Connecticut Conference. Important to note that along with the on-field successes are the partnerships in other areas that Commissioner Al Carbone mentions.
  • From the Post-Tribune: These are the kinds of stories it is a privilege to share. An Illinois high school golfer does the tough, but right thing.
  • From the Waterbury Republican-American: The Terryville cross country team is now able to train on their home course. Don’t often think about a home field advantage in cross country, but being able to consistently run on the course certainly can’t hurt.
  • From the Hartford Courant: Cromwell running back Derrick Villard says the key to his success is all in the legs.
  • From the Bristol Press: It is often said that you can’t teach height, and that fact is a big a benefit for the Bristol Central girls volleyball team.
  • From the Morning Sun: This Michigan columnist makes a case for bowling as a growing high school sport. This process is taking place in Connecticut which hosted a first state open last spring, and has another coming in the spring of 2013. More information will be coming on that event.
  • From the Wisconsin Bar: For anyone looking to really delve into the legal elements of Title IX, this article is for you. It focuses more on the collegiate level, but it is worth looking at some of the issues that might still exist with this groundbreaking legislation.
  • From the Milford-Orange Bulletin: This cross country notebook discusses how Amity has thrived without a superstar first runner. Should be an interesting weekend of competition at the Wickham Invitational with so many teams in action.

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