CIAC Board Of Control Report – 3/7/13

CIAC Board Of Control Report – 3/7/13

CHESHIRE,Conn.– The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Board of Control met in Cheshire on Thursday, March 7.

On the agenda were three voting items for the Board.

  • The Board approved the adoption of the Korey Stringer Institute Heat Acclimatization Guidelines for football and stated that current rules that might contradict the guidelines would be amended.
  • The Board approved a proposal to change the CIAC By-Law, Article XI – Cooperative Team Sponsorship – Individual Sport Participation Limit. 
  • The Board approved a proposal from the Boys Hockey Committee to adopt a two-year trial maintaining a three-division format in the sport with a minimum of 16 teams in Division I and a larger and relatively equal number of teams in Division II and III. The division distribution will be formulated by considering the regular season results and tournament success over the previous two seasons. For tournament qualification all teams with a winning percentage of 40% or better will qualify for the tournaments, and in a division where fewer than 16 teams meet the 40% qualifying standard, a full bracket of 16 teams will be achieved by qualifying teams with the next highest winning percentages.
  • The Board heard a presentation reviewing the CIAC Network and expansion of the CIAC Network.
  • The Board reviewed current bills of interest that are being discussed by the state legislature and urged members to contact legislators or attend public hearings to offer opinion on the issues.
  • The Board heard a report from the Eligibility Committee. The Committee considered three eligibility cases, approved two and denied one.

The Board of Control will meet again on Thursday, March 28.

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