CIAC To Host Workshop For School Administrators

CIAC To Host Workshop For School Administrators

CHESHIRE, Conn. – The CIAC will hold a two-day workshop Thursday and Friday, August 15-16, 2013 titled “What Every Superintendent, Principal and Athletic Director Needs to Know to Have a Successful Interscholastic Athletic Program.” The two-day program will provide a thorough review of CIAC rules and regulations to help all school administrators lead their programs. On-line registration for the event can be found here.

In addition to a review of CIAC rules and regulations, on day one the workshop will also address new certification requirements for athletic directors as well as new requirements and recommendations regarding heat acclimatization, educating parents and athletes on the signs and symptoms of concussion and recommendations on limiting person-to-person contact during practices among others.

It is highly recommended that all new superintendents and new principals attend the first day of the workshop and all new athletic directors are required by CIAC by-laws to attend both days of the workshop. The program is offered at no cost to member schools as it is considered a benefit to CAS-CIAC membership.

Click here to view the full flyer for the event which includes an overview of all the topics that will be covered at the workshop.

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