Soccer Committee Report – 4/29/14

Photo by Aaron Flaum - Norwich Bulletin.

Photo by Aaron Flaum – Norwich Bulletin.

Editors Note: CIAC sports committees meet periodically throughout the year, and the meeting reports will highlight relevant decisions or information from the meetings.

The CIAC Soccer Committee met on Tuesday, April 29. The following were a few notable discussion topics and decisions.

  • The Committee voted to alter its success in tournament formula. Previously success in tournament was applied for teams reaching the quarterfinals or better in tournament play, and will now be applied for teams reaching the semifinals or better.
  • The Committee considered possible changes to tournament overtime procedures including “golden goal” in non-final rounds, changing the length of overtime in the finals, and adding penalty kicks to the finals, but ultimately voted to maintain its current procedures.
  • All changes and decisions will be reflected in the 2014 Soccer Tournament Packet which will be posted on in late summer.

The Soccer Committee will meet again in November prior to the release of the tournament pairings.

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