2016-17 CIAC Handbook & Fall Tournament Packets Available

Tournament PacketsCHESHIRE, Conn. – The CIAC has posted the 2016-17 CIAC Handbook and Tournament Packets for all fall sports with all the information available for view and download on CIACsports.com.

The CIAC Handbook contains all rules and regulations and policies, including changes voted on at the 2016 Annual Meeting and is effective as of July 1. The Handbook can be downloaded here. The Handbook was condensed slightly and reorganized this year to eliminate redundant and conflicting information so information may be in different places than previously. Users should check the index to assist in locating specific information as it may be in a different location.

Each tournament packet includes valuable information including tournament dates and entry procedures, playing rules including NFHS rule change and all other information regarding the administration of the specific sports. Points of interest and or confusion and emphasis from each packet are highlighted below, but coaches and administrators should familiarize themselves with the entirety of the packet, in particular relevant dates and entry deadlines and procedures.

  • Boys & Girls Soccer (view tournament packet): There were no significant changes to the boys and girls soccer tournament packets for the 2016 season. The committee did discuss reminding schools that when purchasing new uniforms to consult the NFHS rules regarding uniform requirements to insure the uniforms meet NFHS rules before they are purchased. There have been a few isolated incidents with schools purchasing non-compliant uniforms.
  • Football (view tournament packet): The football committee and Board of Control approved a one-year trial change to the CIAC football score management policy to institute a mandatory running clock based on specific scoring margins, and will eliminate the automatic suspension of coaches for victories of more than 50 points. The complete policy, including implementation of the running clock, is contained on pages 3 and 4 of the tournament packet.
  • Girls Volleyball (view tournament packet): There will be a new championship site for the four girls volleyball finals this season. East Haven High School will serve as the host for the four championship matches on Saturday, November 19. Berlin High School and Glastonbury High School served as the host site for the previous two girls volleyball finals. East Haven has served as a semifinal host site in previous tournaments for girls volleyball.
  • Boys & Girls Cross Country (view tournament packet): Beginning this fall cross country athletes will be permitted to compete in up to four road races of 5K or shorter per season as an unattached competitor, with permission of the coach and administrators.
  • Field Hockey (view tournament packet): There were no major changes to the tournament packet, though there are several NFHS rule changes listed, including a significant change that facemasks are no longer permitted for use, though protective eyewear is still required.
  • Girls Swimming & Diving (view tournament packet): There were no significant changes to the girls swimming & diving Tournament Packet for this season. The packet does list six NFHS rule changes for the 2016 season along with three rule points of emphasis. Coaches are also asked to make note of the dates, times, and locations of all championship events.

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