CIAC Board of Control Report 8/21/2014

ciacnewCHESHIRE, Conn. – The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Board of Control held its first monthly meeting of the 2014-15 academic year at the CAS-CIAC offices in Cheshire on Thursday, August 21. Click here to view complete meeting minutes.

On the agenda were several voting items for the Board, two of which were administrative approvals of previous meeting minutes, and treasurer’s report. The Board did vote on four other items which were:

  • The Board acted upon a recommendation from the Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors to make changes to season limitations to allow sports in each season to begin practices slightly early to provide greater flexibility in scheduling throughout the year. The Board approved the proposal, which will be effective beginning in fall of 2015.
  • The Board acted upon a proposal from the CIAC Football Committee to revise the playoff and regular season schedule structure for 2015 season. The details of the proposal have been released previously, but highlights include three-rounds of postseason play, new limitations on allowable contact in practice, and allowing no more than 10 games in the regular season. The Board approved the proposal which will take effect for the 2015 season.
  • The Board acted upon a self-report from a member school principal for use of an ineligible player in one baseball game. The Board approved a motion to fine the school $100 ($100 per incident) for use of a player who competed on an outside team during the season. The team had already forfeited the game and notified the opposing team.
  • The Board considered and approved a waiver request for a school to participate in a boys ice hockey tournament which will include Sunday competition over the 2014 holiday break.

Along with the voting items the Board requested additional information on another waiver request for Sunday play, considered possible initiatives and agenda items for the year, discussed rules regarding the eligibility of foreign students and the formation of the CAS-CIAC Hall of Honor.

The CIAC Board of Control will meet again on September 25.

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