Working With Media For CIAC Championships

Cottone Field Press BoxThe CIAC places tremendous value on the role the media plays in promoting and highlighting high school sports. To that purpose CIAC Tournament venues and hosts should make every effort to provide a working environment conducive to all media (print, broadcast and internet based) covering our events. More than anything, communication between the media, site directors, and any staff who may be responsible for site operations is the most important element of managing the event effectively. If there are site specific challenges, or there are reasons the media may not be allotted ample time after the contest, those issues could be communicated to media members ahead of time.  Meanwhile, the following are minimum standards, developed in consultation with the CIAC Media Advisory Committee, which should be provided for working media at all CIAC tournament sites:

1) A minimum of one hour following the conclusion of post-game interviews to write in the press box, press area or a suitable facility in close proximity to the site of the event (i.e. office, classroom, etc.).

2) Access to electric power (shared power strip, etc.).

3) Access to wireless internet service – if available (that is make passwords or access codes known if necessary).

Site directors should communicate these requirements to any staff person who may be responsible for the administration of the event. If for some reason a site will not be able to provide these items for a contest, a site representative should inform the CIAC in advance and work with the media on site before the game and work to provide a reasonable solution to the issue. Members of the media who will be covering events are directed to contact the appropriate site as far in advance as possible to inform them they will be at the event and discuss what arrangements will be made for working media at the site.

These relationships, though sometimes onerous, are important for the success of high school athletics as a whole, and for schools in general. Cooperation between all parties invested in interscholastic athletics benefits the students and the schools. Please contact Joel Cookson at jcooksonatcasciacdotorg if you have concerns or questions regarding working with the media as event hosts.

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