CIAC Board of Control Minutes – 1/15/15

Board of Control Minutes – 1/15/15

Present:  Paul Newton, Karissa Niehoff, Margaret Williamson, Daniel Sullivan, Neil Rinaldi, Drew Dipippo, Carl Nisson, Baraba Hedden, Charles Sharos, Paul Hoey, Glenn Lungarini, George Synnott, Joe Tonelli, Matt Fischer, Robert Lehr, Joel Cookson, Trish Witkin, Dan Scavone, Sheila Riffle, Anthony Azzara, Lee Panagoulias, Glen Lungarini, Joe Monroe, Brian Mignault, Suzanne Koroshetz, Matt Ryan, Mark Ambruoso, Steve Wysowsi, Beth Smith, Steven Patrina


1.1    Review and Approval – CIAC Board of Control Minutes – December 4, 2014 – The Board reviewed the minutes from the December 4, 2014 Board of Control meeting.
1.2   Treasurer’s Report – Board reviewed the Treasurer’s report. The CAS checking and money market accounts had a combined balance of $450,593 at 12/31/14 compared to $513,633 at 12/31/13. The CAS reserve accounts totaled $1,358,230 at 12/31/14 compared to $1,333,302 at 12/31/13. The combined balance of the foundation checking and money market account was $515,136 at 12/31/14 compared to $372,931 at 12/31/13. The foundation investment account had a balance of $1,408,095 at 12/31/14 compared to $1,365,471 at 12/31/13. Motion to approve the 12/4/14 minutes and treasurer’s report as part of consent agenda along with previous meeting minutes – J. Monroe / B. Mignault – Approved.
1.3   Letter of Self-Report – Out of Season Coaching – [ ] – The Board considered a self-report from [ ] for violations of the out-of-season coaching rule by its varsity football coach. The school administration investigated alleged violations and discovered multiple violations of the out-of-season coaching rules. The coach resigned following the season as a result of the investigation. Motion to fine the school $750 ($250 per incident) and place the football program on probation – A. Azzara / S. Riffle – Approved (one abstention).
1.4   Letter of Self-Report – Out of Season Coaching – [ ] – The Board considered a self-report from [ ] for violations of the out-of-season coaching rule by its girls diving coach. The coach provided instruction an athlete with remaining eligibility during the offseason because the coach misunderstood the rule. The coach was issued a warning from the administration and new policies have been put in place to prevent further violations from the coaching staff. Motion to fine the school $250 for the violation – S. Koroshetz / L. Panagoulias – Approved.
1.5   Use of an Ineligible Player – Tournament Procedure Violation – [ ] – The Board considered a report on two violations from the [ ] boys soccer team. The team played an ineligible player who failed to sit a game after yellow card accumulation, and required reseeding of the boys soccer tournament pairings after reporting the use of ineligible player past the reporting deadline.  There were also concerns raised that the reporting of the ineligible player was an intentional manipulation of the pairings. The school administration is investigating that claim and will report the finding to the Board of Control. Motion to fine the school $500 ($250 each for use of ineligible player and tournament violation), place the boys soccer program on probation and require the members of the soccer coaching staff to complete the Coaching Education modules on CIAC rules and regulations – A. Azzara / B. Smith – Approved. The Board also indicated the notice to the school should note it will require the school to report the findings of its internal investigation.
1.6   Letter of Self-Report – Out of Season Coaching – [ ] – The Board considered a letter of self-report from [ ] for use of an academically ineligible athlete in one wrestling meet. The student failed to pass four classes and competed in one meet before it was discovered. Motion to fine the school $100 for use of an academically ineligible player – D. Sullivan / S. Patrina – Approved.
1.7   Explanation of NFHS Joint Defense Agreement – Karissa Niehoff explained to the Board the proposed Joint Defense Agreement which many state associations are signing in support of a class action concussion lawsuit in Illinois. The agreement allows for the sharing of information and legal services and does not become applicable unless the state is named in a lawsuit. Motion to allow the CIAC to join in the NFHS Joint Defense Agreement, pending new information – B. Smith / M. Ambruso – Approved.

2.1   The Board considered the best way to consider changes to CIAC by-laws concerning college auditions. The Board will seek volunteers to serve on a sub-committee to study the issue and create a proposal for the Board to consider. (Following the meeting Paul Newton, Margaret Williamson, Joe Monroe, and Glenn Lungarini agreed to serve on the sub-committee).
2.2   The Board began preliminary discussion on possible changes to out-of-season coaching policies. The discussion is still in its early stages, and the topic will be discussed in greater detail at a March 2 “Discussion meeting.”

3.1   Unified Sports – George Synnott reported on a successful Youth Leadership Summit, which had close to 400 students in attendance. Survey responses have been favorable from those who have attended.
3.2   CAS –
3.3   CAPSS –
3.4   CABE –
3.5   Sports Medicine – Paul Hoey reported on a Herpes outbreak among wrestlers – schools have been informed of the proper protocols to follow should they discover a case with their athletes. Asked to report to CIAC to help inform opponents. Ask wrestling committee to develop reporting procedures for opponents in the future.
3.6   CATA –
3.7   CAAD – Dan Scavone reported that a second new AD workshop held last week very successfully and expressed appreciation to CIAC staff for their help with the event.
3.8   CHSCA – No report
3.9   Officials – Joe Tonelli reported that spring sport interpreters are beginning with a national online rules survey in the coming weeks.

4.1   Eligibility Committee –  Committee heard and approved one case.
4.2   Eligibility Review Board – Board heard two cases, denying one and tabling another.

5.1   Out-of-season coaching
5.2   College auditions
5.3   Public person/students serving on CIAC Board of Control
5.4   Fines/penalties-Review

6.1   Matt Fischer / Joel Cookson – No report
6.2   Robert Lehr – No report
6.3   Joe Tonelli – No report
6.4   Stephanie Ford –
6.5   Paul Hoey – No report
6.6   Steve Wysowski – Provided an update on the issue the Board considered at its previous meeting. The Board upheld the decision of the eligibility review board, and to this point there had been no follow-up from the athlete.
6.7   Karissa Niehoff – Karissa reported on an issue from Massachusetts concerning inconsistent procedures and hosting at different association tournament venues. The NFHS Executive Directors approved a change to NFHS policy regarding out of state sanctioning. She informed the group that the NFHS may be helping states to develop language and policies in dealing with refugees. She told the group about a true open division that has been established in California based purely on success. She discussed the possibility of adding coverage for media members as part of the Association’s insurance coverage. She said there is going to be a continued push to implement baseline testing for schools to deal with concussion concerns. Finally she updated the Board on potential legislation that may be presented during the upcoming legislative session. The issue with the most direct impact on schools and athletics concerns pesticides, and she asked for input from any schools that have had severe issues with their playing fields.

7.1   Tournament Update  – Steve Wysowski offered a recap of the football championships and said financial reports from the fall tournaments should be available in the coming months.
7.2   Special Investigation – He updated the Board on the special investigation it approved in its previous meeting on possible recruiting violations. The investigation is ongoing.

NOTE: Next Meeting of the Board – February 26, 2015 – 2 p.m.

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