A Few Thoughts On Cherishing The Present

A pile-up was the response from Immaculate after earning the class L girls soccer crown. Christian Abraham - Danbury News Times

Celebrating with great friends is just one of the memories high school athletes can cherish. Christian Abraham – Danbury News Times

“You’re all going to go pro or go into business someday. This is the last time you ever get to do this on a road trip. Put your phones away. Montrezl, they will never, ever — no matter how good you are in the pros — cheer for you like these Louisville fans. Look at Russ Smith. This is it for you guys. You will never experience this ever again, no matter how good you become. Nobody will show you more love than the people of Louisville. Enjoy it while you have it. When you’re on the road, enjoy it. You’re never going to have friends like this.”

That quote from Louisville head men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino (courtesy of Eric Crawford’s twitter account @ericcrawford) seemed worth sharing today.

Today is National Signing Day for many athletes who will be fortunate enough to continue their athletic careers at the college level. Many others will also be showcasing their athletic skills at various levels of college competition. With all that excitement about the future, it seemed relevant to provide a brief reminder to cherish the here and now for all athletes. Obviously the context and message have slightly different meaning for high school athletes, but the sentiment is applicable as teams enter the stretch run of their seasons, and athletes see their high school careers wind down. Hopefully it’s a message that resonates with many of you, and you will enjoy and appreciate the time you have as a high school athlete.

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