Score Reporting Reminder

A reminder about entering regular season game scores to the CIAC, which is the responsibility of each member school

Regular season varsity game scores must be submitted within 24 hours following the completion of the contest. Schools should be sure that all of their scores are reported within the required timeframe. Note that while scores are updated periodically based on opponents submissions when possible, schools should not rely on the assumption that their opponent will submit the score in time. Each school is ultimately responsible for the submission of its own scores. It is highly recommended scores are entered on the day of the game, to keep rankings as up-to-date as possible.

Scores can be entered quickly and easily from any smartphone, tablet or computer. It is suggested that ADs provide each of their coaches with an access code and make entering scores on the day of the game part of their responsibilities. Schools can also provide scorekeepers/statisticians/managers with codes that only allow for the submissions of scores and nothing else. ADs have complete control over their school’s codes and can add, remove or change them at any time via the “manage access codes” link under the “Admin Actions” tab in the Online Eligibility Center.

Scores for baseball, softball, lacrosse, volleyball and tennis may also be submitted via

If you have any questions about score-reporting procedures please contact Matt Fischer at mfischeratcasciacdotorg

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