Spring Sports NFHS Network Coverage

s370-nfhsnetwork2The spring sports championships are fast approaching, and once again the NFHS Network and CPTV Sports will be providing great coverage of nearly all the finals. The NFHS Network broadcasts will be available to fans anywhere in the world with an internet connection, while CPTV Sports can be seen throughout Connecticut.

As teams progress there will be great opportunities for widespread coverage of their events. We hope you will share this information with your athletes, fans and parents in an effort to increase the audience. As you can see, the broadcast plans are not limited to the larger high-profile sports, as the championships for nearly every spring sport will be covered.

Increased viewership and awareness of Network events will hopefully lead to even more events being live broadcast, which provides a wonderful platform for our student athletes and schools. We hope you will spread the word about the upcoming championship coverage and help us continue to grow this partnership. You can also share the video embedded above with your fans to help spread the word about the coverage of the championships.

2015 Spring Championship Broadcast Schedule:
NFHS Network (Subscription Required) & CPTV Sports
CIAC Outdoor Track & Field Open Championships (NFHS Network/CPTV Sports) Saturday, June 8
CIAC Boys Volleyball (NFHS Network/CPTV Sports) Friday, June 12
CIAC Baseball Championships (NFHS Network/CPTV Sports) Friday-Saturday, June 12-13
CIAC Boys Lacrosse Championships (NFHS Network) Saturday, June 13
CIAC Girls Lacrosse Championships (NFHS Network/CPTV Sports) Saturday, June 13
CIAC Softball Championships (NFHS Network) Friday-Saturday, June 12-13

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