First Contest Dates Altered For 2015-16 Winter & Spring Seasons

ciacnewAt its May 7 meeting the CIAC Board of Control approved changes to the 2015-16 game limitations and practice dates for the winter and spring season. The changes moved the first date of competition for the majority of winter and spring sports by either 24 or 48 hours.

The impetus for the change came from the discrepancy between the required practice days for individual and team sports. That difference has long led to confusion for CIAC membership and has been studied for a number of years. This year in consultation with medical professionals and other state associations the change was made to require 10 days of practice for individual and team sports prior to the first play date, which led to the date changes. The CIAC recognizes this could lead to confusion, but felt there was still enough time to make the changes for the 2015-16 winter and spring seasons. No changes were made to the previously released fall schedule dates.

The updated master schedule for 2015-16 is embedded below. If you can’t view the document, click here to download the updated document.

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