Boys & Girls Soccer Committee Meeting Minutes 1/6/16


January 6, 2016

Present:  Carl Babb, John Blomstrann, Michael Bosworth, Richard Cavallaro, John Cohn, Joseph DelBuono, David Dennehy, Lynne Flint, Scott Giegerich, Linda Iacobellis, Jean Kelleher, Jim O’Brien, Bill Phelps, Terry Schanbacher, Charles Sharos, Dan Woog, Paul Hoey and Steve Wysowski

Review and Approval – CIAC Soccer Committee Minutes of November 6, 2015 – After review and discussion the Committee moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion to approve – Carl Babb / second – Scott Giegerich / approved

Review of the 2015 Championships – Tournament Directors Sharos and DelBuono – C. Sharos reported that all went well and there were no major issues with any of the games or sites.  He was pleased that everything went as planned.  J. DelBuono said the assignment of officials also went well with only a few minor issues.

Committee members reported on some unsportsmanlike behavior by a coach at the Class S final.  The coach received a caution early in the game for arguing with the official and he continued to act inappropriately around his team and was making inappropriate comments.  The school principal and athletic director will be notified about his behavior.  This program was on probation for the 2015 season due to excessive cards in 2014.  Their cards did drop significantly which is a positive, but the behavior of the coach at this game was not acceptable.

Committee members requested that they be issued passes that would identify them as members of the CIAC Soccer Committee so they would have more standing with coaches, site directors, game workers and officials.  CIAC staff suggested the committee be issued a committee member pass and a lanyard they could wear when attending a game.  S. Wysowski will pursue this for the 2016 championships.

2015 Financial Report to Date – The committee reviewed and discussed the financial report for both boys and girls.  On the girls side soccer was budgeted to take in $58K of income for 2015.  Actual to date was $57K about $1K under budget.  On the expense side girls soccer was budgeted for $28K with actual to date of $22,731, under budgeted expenses by $5K.  Net income is at present a little over $4K.  Overall a good year for girls soccer.

Boys soccer was budgeted to take in $84K in income with actual to date of $94K+ which is $10K more than anticipated.  On the expense side boys soccer was budgeted to $31K in costs with actual to date of $25K+ or $5,604 under budget with a resulting net income of $15,676 which is a great year for boys soccer.  The income budgeted revenue vs expenses was also $20K more than anticipated for boys and girls soccer combined.

Review of the 2015 Red/Yellow Card Report and Schools Exceeding 12 or More Cards – The committee first reviewed the card report for schools on probation for the 2015 season.  Eight schools were on probation and all eight reduced their cards to the point they will be off probation for 2016.  The schools are:

School: Red/Yellow/Total
Bacon Academy, Colchester: 1/8/9
Crosby High School, Waterbury: 0/4/4
Hale Ray High School, East Haddam: 0/5/5
Masuk High School, Monroe: 0/5/5
Naugatuck High School: 0/5/5
Seymour High School: 0/5/5
Somers High School: 0/3/3
Windsor Locks High School: 0/8/8

CIAC staff will notify each school that they have been removed from probation and commend them for their efforts.

The Committee then reviewed the composite report for 2015 and noted there are five schools with 12 or more cards that will be requested to meet with the committee to share their improvement plans to reduce cards.  The following schools will meet with the Committee on January 27, 2016.

School: Red/Yellow/Total/Meeting time
South Windsor High School: 0/14/14/@ 2:30 p.m.
Morgan School, Clinton: 1/13/14/@ 3:00 p.m.
Tourtellotte Memorial School, Thompson: 1/13/14/@ 3:30 p.m.
Bridgeport Central High School: 1/12/13/@ 4:00 p.m.
Bassick High School, Bridgeport: 1/14/15/@ 4:30 p.m.

Discussion continued on how to improve the process of reporting cards, especially for post-season play.  There continues to be inconsistency in reporting from schools and officials.  Post-season games are often not listed on  the schedule as this is an extra step the AD’s must do to add the games, so cards in many of these games are not reported.

Discussion ensued on how to address this situation – some of the suggestions included:

  • Set-up a conflict report that when the data is not consistent between the three sources
  • Populate the post-season schedule through CIAC.
  • Combine the reporting of cards in each game with the end-of-season report which list the player, infraction, official, game date – so it is only done once.
  • Work with the officials, coaches and athletic directors to be sure everyone understands the process.

Steve Wysowski will work with Matt Fischer to see what can be done to enhance the process.  Also, several members of the committee offered to work with Matt and Steve to come up with a better process.  These included – Dave Dennehy, Lynne Flint, Dan Woog, Joe DelBuono and Jim O’Brien.

Further discussion ensued on the list of infractions that is online and listed in the tournament and if it is inclusive.  Joe DelBuono insisted it is and he will check as he does every year.

Tie Break Procedure Discussion – As a follow-up to discussion  at the November 6, 2l015 meeting on this topic, CIAC re-ranked the 2015 seedings using a tie-break procedure that uses the following:
1)      Win / loss percentage
2)      Win / loss points – The point system we now use – 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie
3)      Opponent’s Points – The win / loss points of each opponent beaten and half of the win / loss points for each opponent tied.
4)      By lot tiebreaker number

The Committee reviewed the results and noted where teams changed position within the group.  Discussion continued on not using head-to-head and the pros and cons of making the change.  The Committee was asked to continue to consider the change as it bases placement in the tournament on games played for the entire season and the teams you beat who have more wins.  It rewards teams who play a hard schedule and it is much easier for the public to understand.  The Committee will be asked to vote on the change at their March meeting.

Filling Soccer Tournament Bracket to 32 Teams – The Committee continued discussion from the November 6, 2015 meeting on the concept of filling brackets to 32 teams in all divisions.  CIAC prepared a chart showing the number of qualifiers in each division for the past five years.  In the boys tournament about 14 teams would be added on average each year if brackets were filled to 32 teams or about 69 schools over a five year period would enter the tournament with less than a 40% win record.  In the girls tournament an average of 22 teams would enter the tournament each year which equates to 109 schools over a five year period.

The Committee was also provided data for the past ten years showing the number of school assigned to each class and the number of 40% qualifiers in each.  The Committee discussed the merits of filling the brackets and noted it would be an easier sell on the boys side.  The Committee expressed the idea of eliminating byes, having more teams play, and keeping teams focused until the end of the season were all good ideas.  No formal motion was made to move at this point but the Committee will be asked to do so at their March meeting.  The request, if approved by the Committee, would be for a two-year trial.

Date/Time of Next Meetings:  January 27, 2016 at 2:30 p.m.; March 31, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

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