Boys & Girls Golf Committee Meeting Minutes 9/22/15

Boys & Girls Golf Committee Meeting Minutes 9/22/15


September 22, 2015

Present:  Jim Bryers, Jim Casagrande, Chuck Claffey, Rich Condon, Ray DeAngelis, Carrie Gettings, Julie Jenkins, Tom Malin, Michael Moraghan, Tom O’Donnell, Neil Sullivan, John Williams, Bob Zadronzny, Paul Hoey, Steve Wysowski

Introductions and Updating of Directory Information – Chairman N. Sullivan asked everyone to introduce themselves and where they are from and which group they represent as new members have been added to the committee.  Additionally, committee members were requested to update their directory information as necessary.

Review and Approval of the Golf Committee Minutes of June 4, 2015 – After review and discussion the committee moved to approve the minutes as presented – Motion to approve – T. Malin / second R. Condon / approved.

Review of the 2015 Championships – J. Casagrande, tournament director for the boys reported that all went well.  The shotgun start at Fairview Farms continued to go well and reporting scores at the end was much better than last year.  Tom Malin, the site director for Division IV at Tallwood, reported on an incident involving a player who moved his ball and initially did not report the stroke.  Prior to submitting his card he did add a stroke after being questioned by the other players in his group.  Since no one saw exactly what he did, other than the other players noting that the ball was not played from where it was dropped, no further penalty could be enacted.

Overall the tournament went well at all sites.  Jim Casagrande informed the committee he would be stepping down as tournament director and retiring.  The committee thanked him for his many years of service to CIAC and the golf committee.  The new tournament director starting in 2016 will be Tom Malin.

Carrie Gettings reported that all went well at Orange Hills.  The shotgun start worked well and there were no incidents to report.  The committee discussed possible sites for the girls championship for 2016.  CIAC received a request from the CCC coaches to consider a rotation, similar to boys, for the girls championship.  The committee agreed on a rotation and seek two additional courses in addition to Orange Hills.  Julie Jenkins reported that Tashua Knolls in Trumbull may be interested in hosting the 2016 championship.  CIAC staff will make contact with the course.  A third course in the central part of the state will need to be secured.

Walter Beck, the golf committee liaison to the New England championships was unable to attend the meeting but submitted information to CIAC staff.  The championships went well, however, he expressed concern that those that qualified in many cases accepted but were “no shows” without notification.  Also several qualifiers declined the invitation.  He requested that the coaches take more ownership and work with him to assure that the best golfers go to the event and “no show” not be an option.

Review and Discussion of the June 2015 Golf Survey – The committee members were provided a copy of the survey results and comments.  A total of 354 responded to the survey – 119 athletic directors, 146 coaches and 89 principals.  The results show that 59% of the respondents favor moving boys golf to the fall (70 athletic directors -59%), (86 coaches – 59%),  (52 principals – 59%).  Overall 208 respondents of the 354 favored moving boys golf to the fall.

The committee discussed the results in detail and noted the results were significantly different from the 2009 survey where the results clearly showed that there was not support to move to the fall.  The major difference from 2009 is that the survey only surveyed moving both boys and girls to the fall.  The data does show support for possibly moving boys to the fall and leaving the girls in the spring to balance sport offerings for both genders.

The committee would like further information on the following:

  • Are there any gender equity issues that would need to be addressed?
  • What would the season look like in the fall – when would the season start and end?
  • How does this impact the New England Championships?
  • Will there be any additional cost to schools?
  • Does golf need ten (10) days of practice?  Is a ten day practice window  needed?
  • What would be the implementation date ?  One year out?  Two years out?
  • What exceptions would need to be approved by the CIAC Board?
  • Can schools schedule more than three (3) matches a week?

Staff will develop a draft proposal for committee consideration at the January 2016 meeting.

Other – Tom O’Donnell, Darien High School coach reported that there was a tie for second in the LL championship and additional medals and a plaque needs to be ordered.

Date and time of the next meeting – January 13, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

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