Baseball Committee Meeting Minutes 12/2/15


December 2, 2015

Present:  A. Azzara, F. Balsamo, J. Cross, R. Faustich, R. Franco, R. Hadden, S. Patrina, P. Steiner, J. Tonelli, J. Wrenn, P. Hoey

Today’s meeting was devoted to a discussion on pitch count and if the baseball committee should move away from the present pitching rules (10 innings / 30 outs) and go with a pitch count.

The committee discussed various options and the pros/cons of each.  Innings vs pitch count was debated.  After much discussion the committee reached agreement on the following which will be brought to the full committee in January.

  • The recommendation will be to move to a pitch count rule starting with the 2017 season.
  • Schools will be asked to begin charting pitches during the 2016 season so they are ready to go in 2017.
  • Schools that charted pitch counts during the 2015 and 2016 seasons will be asked to share their data with the committee as decisions are made in the number of pitches.
  • The pitch count rule will require a specified number of days of rest after a specified number of pitches – i.e. – if the pitcher throws 75 pitches in a game it must be followed by X number of days of rest.  The specific numbers are to be determined.
  • The number of pitches thrown in a game would not be capped, but the number of days of required rest would increase as the number of pitches increase – i.e. – if a pitcher throws 100 pitches the required rest period would be four (4) days, 115 pitches – five (5) days, 125 pitches – six (6) days, more than 125 pitches – seven (7) days.  Again, the specific number of rest days and pitches is to be determined.
  • Consider limits for sub-varsity pitchers and developing guidelines for middle school.

Date and time of next meeting – January 12, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

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