Sanctioned Events

The following lists of interstate competition events are approved for CIAC member high schools. If the event your school wants to participate in is not on this list the event has not been approved for participation for CIAC schools.

Date Host Sport Event Title
09/08/18NYGirls VolleyballEarly season volleyball tournament
09/08/18MABoys & Girls Cross CountryVineyard Cross Country Invitational
09/08/18CTGirls VolleyballEarly Season Volleyball Tournament
09/15/18CTCross CountryWilton Cross Country Invitational
09/15/18NYBoys & Girls Cross CountrySaffern Invitational
09/18/18CTCross CoutryStratton Brook Invitational
09/22/18MABoys & Girls Cross Country23rd Annual Cross Country Invitational
09/29/18MABoys & Girls Cross CountryMSTCA Frank Kelley Invitational
09/29/18NYGirls Volleyball2018 NY-CT Invitational
09/29/18NYGirls VolleyballJohn Jay Cross River
10/06/18VTBoys & Girls Cross CountryWoods Trail
10/06/18NYBoys & Girls Cross Country41St Annual Brewster Bear Classic
10/13/18CTGirls VolleyballCT Fall Brawl
10/19/18MABoys & Girls Cross CountryMSTCA Twilight Invitational
Also 10-20-18
12/08/18NHBoys BasketballPinkerton Academy New England Boys' Varsity Basketball Jamboree
12/14/18NYGirls BasketballHoliday Classic
also 12/15/2018
12/14/18CTIndoor TrackHillhouse Invite
also 12-15-2018
12/22/18CTWrestlingBlue Knight Duals
12/22/18MABoys BasketballBasketBull HoopsFest
12/27/18NYGirls BasketballAmsterdam Holiday College Showcase
12/27/18MAWrestlingHoliday Wrestling Tournament
12/27/18MAWrestlingHoliday Wrestling Tournament
12/29/18MAWrestlingPhil Tomkiel Tournament
01/05/19MAWrestlingFalcon Invitational
01/05/19NYWrestlingMurphy-Guccione Shoreline
01/05/19MAWrestlingTiger Duals
01/19/19MAWrestling2019 Springfield Central Wrestling Festival
01/26/19CTWrestlingConnecticut Challenge
01/26/19CTWrestling2019 Ridgefield Challenge
02/02/19MAWrestlingSouthwick Duals
04/18/19CTOutdoor Track&FieldConnecticut Distance Festival
05/04/19RIB&G Outdoor TrackBrien Moretti Invitational
10/12/19CTGirls VolleyballCT Fall Brawl
Note: The NFHS often approves events which are not approved by CIAC so please go by the list of approved activities for CIAC member schools only.

Date Host Sport Event Title
09/08/18PABoys & Girls Cross CountryPTXC10
09/22/18RIBoys & Girls Cross CountryOcean State XC Invitational
09/22/18CTCross CountryWinding Trails Cross Country Invitational
09/22/18NHBoys & Girls Cross Country44th Manchester Invitational
09/22/18NYBoys & Girls Cross Country2018 Bowdoin Park Cross Country Classic
09/29/18PACross CountryLehigh University Paul Short Run
09/29/18NYBoys & Girls Cross CountryMcQuaid Invitational
10/06/18NCBoys & Girls Cross CountryGreat American Cross Country Festival
10/06/18VTBoys & Girls Cross CountryWood Trail
10/06/18CTCross CountryWickham Invitation
10/06/18NJBoys and Girls Cross CountryShore Coaches Invitational
9:00 a.m.
10/08/18MAGirls VolleyballInternational Volleyball Hall of Fame's VolleyHall Classic
10/13/18NYBoys & Girls Cross CountryManhattan College High School Cross-Country Invitational
10/13/18RIGirls VolleyballRhody Invitational Girl's Volleyball Tournament
10/20/18RIBoys & Girls Cross CountryNortheast Cross Country Championship
11/10/18CTBoys and Girls Cross CountryNew England Championship
12/14/18NYBoys&Girls Indoor Track and FieldCoach Saint Invitational
12/15/18NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackArmory Coaches Hall of Fame Invitational
12/15/18NHWrestlingLondonderry Holiday Invitational Wrestling Tournament
12/21/18NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackJim Mitchell Invitational
12/22/18NYGirls BasketballHoops4Hearts 2018
Sunday participation is prohibited
12/26/18MEIce HockeySt. Dom's Christmas Classic
12/26/18NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackNorth Shore High School Track and Field Invitational
12/27/18RIBoys Ice HockeyMount St. Charles Holiday Face-Off
2:00 p.m.
12/27/18MAWrestlingGeorge Bossi Lowell Holiday Invitational
12/27/18RIB&G Indoor Track&FieldRhode Island Classic
12/27/18FLG&B BasketballKSA Events holiday Basketball Tournament
12/27/18NJG&B BasketballSkyline Classic
12/29/18NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackMarine Corps Holiday Classic
12/30/18NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackOcean Breeze Holiday Festival
01/04/19NYBoys and Girls Indoor Track25th Armory Hispanic Games
01/04/19NJGirls BasketballA New Year's Resolution Tournament
01/05/19RIBoys&Girls Indoor TrackURI Classic
01/05/19NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackOcean Breeze Freedom Game Day 1
01/09/19NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackNYRR Millrose Trials
01/11/19NYBoys WrestlingEastern States Classic
01/11/19NHB&G Indoor Track&Field2019 Dartmouth Relays
01/17/19MABoys&Girls BasketballBasketball Hall of Fame's Hoophall Classic
01/18/19NYBoys and Girls Indoor Track24th New Balance Games
01/18/19RIB&G Indoor Track&FieldEast Coast Invitational
01/18/19NYGirls BasketballRose Classic Super Jam
Approved for Capital Prep ONLY
01/19/19NHWrestlingTimberlane Wrestling Invitation
01/20/19NYB&G BasketballBig North Shootout
01/25/19NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackDr. Sander Columbia Challenge
01/25/19NYGirls BasketballThe Mecca
Approved for Capital Prep Only!
01/26/19NYBoys$Girls Indoor TrackBullis invitational
02/04/19NYB&G Indoor Track&FieldVarsity Classic
02/09/19NYBoys and Girls Indoor Track112th NYRR Millrose Games
02/15/19NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackNorth Shore High School Pre-National Invitational
02/19/19NYB&G Indoor Track&FieldEastern State Championships
02/23/19NYBoys&Girls Indoor TrackPurple Champions Track Club Last Chance Invitational
02/24/19FLBoys&Girls Lacrosse2019 Disney Lacrosse Spring Training
02/24/19FLBaseball2019 Disney Baseball Spring Training
03/01/19CTWrestlingNew England Championship
03/02/19CTB&G Indoor Track&FieldNew England Championship
03/09/19CTGymnasticsNew England Championship
04/05/19SCB&G Outdoor Track&FieldBeach Run Invitational
04/05/19CAB&G Outdoor Track&FieldTiger Invite @ South Pasadena
04/05/19CAB & G Outdoor Track & FieldArcadia Invitational
04/06/19RIB&G Outdoor Track&Field51st Annual RI Knights of Columbus Four Mile Relay
04/12/19SCG&B Outdoor Track&FieldBojangles Track Classic
04/13/19MDG&B Outdoor Track&FieldBullis Bulldog Travk Invitational
04/13/19MDB&G Outdoor Track&Field14th Annual Viking Invitational
04/15/19SCBaseballRipken Experience Spring Classic
04/18/19SCBoys GolfPalmetto High School Golf Championships
04/20/19DEB&G Outdoor Track&FieldArt Madric Hall of Fame Invitational
04/25/19PAB&G Outdoor Track&FieldPenn Relays
04/27/19RIBoys Volleyball2019 Rhody Invitational
04/27/19NYBoys LacrosseGEICO High School Lacrosse Showcase
05/03/19VAG&B Outdoor Track&FieldDogwood Track Classic
05/03/19NJB&G Outdoor Track & FieldHolmdel Twilight Series-Nigh of 3200s
05/03/19NJB&G Outdoor Track & FieldHolmdel Twilight Series-Nigh of 3200s
05/18/19NYG&B Outdoor Track&Field79th Annual William F.Eddy Jr.
06/08/19CTB&G Outdoor Track&FieldNew England Championship
06/19/19CTB&G GolfNew England Championship
09/20/19CAB&G Cross Country2019 Woodbridge Cross Country Classic
09/21/19NHCross Country45th Manchester Invitational
09/28/19RIB&G Cross CountryOcean State Cross country Invitational