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CIAC Creating Girls Wrestling Invitational Tournament

CHESHIRE, Conn. – For the first time the CIAC will host a Girls Wrestling Invitational Tournament in conjunction with the CIAC Wrestling State Open February 28-29 at the Floyd Little Center in New Haven. This marks the first CIAC organized event solely for female wrestlers.

The Invitational will crown winners in 10 weight classes, and the first, third, and fifth-place matches will coincide with the same matches in the State Open competition. The Invitational seeding and brackets will be released either Monday February 24 or Tuesday February 25.

“Over the past 99 years the CIAC has been committed to providing student-athletes with exceptional education-based experiences,” CAS-CIAC Executive Director Glenn Lungarini stated. “The inaugural CIAC Girls Wrestling Invitational Tournament exemplifies the CIAC’s innovative approach toward empowering student-athletes through school-based sports. We have every belief this will be a great showcase for talented student-athletes who are certainly deserving of this spotlight.”

Per CIAC by-laws, girls are permitted to compete on boys wrestling teams, and the number of girls competing in high school wrestling in Connecticut has grown from 70 in 2015-16 to 131 in 2018-19. Female competitors will be able to wrestle in either the Girls Invitational or the Boys Tournaments. There will be no qualifying standards for the Girls Invitational – all girl wrestlers may enter the Invitational.

“There was tremendous enthusiasm to create this Invitational with the members of the CIAC Wrestling Committee, and there is great hope this will create even more excitement and growth for girls wrestling in the state,” said Bob Lehr, CIAC Executive Staff member and Wrestling Committee liaison.

Since 1994 the number of girl high school wrestlers nationally has risen from 804 to 16,562 based on data provided by the NFHS and thirteen states currently hold a state wrestling championship for girls. The growth of the sport in Connecticut has not risen to reach the threshold at which it can be sanctioned as an official CIAC Championship sport, but the Invitational will join several other CIAC organized events designed to provide a championship-level experience.

Track & Field Officials Training Session

Track & Field Officials Training Session

There is a significant challenge finding track & field officials, and there is an upcoming opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a certified official in that sport. There will be a Track & Field officials training session on Sunday, December 1st, at 2-5p.m. at the Wesleyan University Field House. To sign up; contact Yvonne Grimes at:Continue Reading

Girls Soccer Tournament Disqualification

CHESHIRE, Conn. – Due to the use of an ineligible player, Berlin High School has been disqualified from the CIAC Class L Girls Soccer Tournament. Per CIAC by-laws, Joel Barlow High School, Berlin’s first-round opponent, will now play against Daniel Hand High School in a second-round match November 14 at Daniel Hand. Per CIAC by-lawsContinue Reading

NFHS Voice – High School Playing Rules are NFHS Rules

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When it comes to writing playing rules for major sports in the United States, it’s all in the acronyms. In football, you have the NFL, NCAA and NFHS. In basketball, it’s the NBA, NCAA and NFHS. In baseball, the rules-makers are MLB, NCAA and NFHS. While the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAAContinue Reading

inCourage Helps Improve Communication, Commitment & Leadership In Sports

inCourage Helps Improve Communication, Commitment & Leadership In Sports

inCourage provides original, engaging videos to help improve communication, commitment and leadership in sports. We’ve got easy solutions to frustrating challenges. Check out all the blog posts at or choose specific topics below. Or check out all their great resources for building a better sports culture at Why are so many team athletes struggling withContinue Reading

It’s Championship Time – Please Celebrate Responsibly

“Sportsmanship, at its core, is acknowledging the validity of the opponents humanity, realizing that your exhilaration comes at the cost of someone else’s despair. Teaching people to respect the feelings of those around you, or even in competition against you, and to not make their suffering worse, is probably one of the most important qualitiesContinue Reading

Linked Up – Fall Championships 2019

I’m sure we write this every season of every year, but it’s a little hard to believe we have reached championship season once again. But we have, which means Linked Up – Fall Championships 2019 makes its triumphant debut. Always one of the most fun stories to publish every year as it highlights teams andContinue Reading

2019-20 Winter Sport Rules Interpretations Meeting Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2019-20 winter rules interpretations meetings provided to CIAC by officials’ organizations and leagues. CIAC rules and regulations require head coaches or their designee to represent your school at these important meetings. Other coaches are encouraged to attend. If your coach cannot make the meeting in your area, I am certain he/sheContinue Reading

CIACcast Covers Varied Topics

CIACcast Covers Varied Topics

The fall season winds down and CIACcast Episode 110 looks into a few different topics. Bryant Carpenter from the Meriden Record Journal discusses his moving remembrance of John Fontana, and then Jonathan Law AD VJ Sarullo talks about a new information program. The latest edition or past editions of the CIACcast can always be foundContinue Reading

Get To Know Rules Committee Member Bill Tatelman

Editor’s Note: Connecticut is fortunate to have many officials serving Connecticut as representatives on NFHS Rules Committees. This week we highlight baseball umpire and officiating leader Bill Tatelman. Bill Tatelman, who has been a member of the Hartford Chapter of the Ct Board of Approved Baseball Umpires for the past 45 years, serves on the NFHSContinue Reading