CIAC Introducing Class Act Schools Sportsmanship Program

In association with the Connecticut Association of Athletics Directors, a new sportsmanship initiative called “Class Act Schools” is being launched this fall. The new program was developed in response to input from a variety of constituents and is intended to replace the Sportsmanship Ratings Weeks, which were viewed to no longer be an effective tool for promoting positive sportsmanship.

The official launch of the program will coincide with this year CIAC Sportsmanship Conference in November, but we want to continue to share information with member schools, and seek input on the program as we near the launch.

The new program is intended to give schools the option to voluntarily opt in to adopt the new recommended sportsmanship behaviors that were developed through suggestions with students, coaches and ADs at the CIAC Sportsmanship Conference. The aim of the Class Act Schools is to:

  • Create and implement an agreed upon set of behaviors for participants, coaches, fans and administration at scholastic events, so that there is a clear understanding of what is and is not considered acceptable from one school to another.
  • Empower student leaders at each Class Act School to take initiative in creating positive fan atmosphere and addressing sportsmanship concerns at their school and with opponents.
  • Encourage, and providing forums for schools and students to be creative in how they demonstrate and share examples of positive sportsmanship.

As stated earlier, the full launch of this program will come later this fall with more information. Schools may have already noted changes to the “CIAC sportsmanship guidelines” in the CIAC Handbook, which reflect those which will be part of the Class Act Schools program.

Please contact the CIAC office or Fred Balsamo at CAAD if you have any questions as we moved forward with this new endeavor.

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