Cheer & Dance Music Regulations

Mike Braca - MaxPreps

Mike Braca – MaxPreps

As cheer and dance teams begin their seasons the CAS Office of Student Activities wanted to share this important information. The record industry is now enforcing copyright laws for the music used in cheerleading and dance routines. Listed below are several links related to this issue, most importantly is the USA Cheer announcement about the new music requirements for cheer and dance teams. CAS Student Activities will be enforcing the recommendation of USA Cheer. In order to comply with the music requirement, teams would need to obtain their music from a preferred provider. We have also included the link for licensed providers. These providers will issue a license to the team to use the music. Please obtain and keep copies of the license to present at any competition that you do enter.

Useful Resources
National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS)

USA Cheer Music Copyright Educational Initiative Announcement

USA Cheer Music Announcement

FAQs for the USA Cheer Music Copyrights Educational Initiative Announcement

Preferred Music Providers

USA Cheer Music Guidelines

Cheer Sounds How to keep your music legal

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