CAS-CIAC Battle of the Fans Tips

Mike Braca - MaxPreps

Mike Braca – MaxPreps

Another school year is well underway, and that means another year of the CAS-CIAC Battle of the Fans competition. Whether your school has or has not submitted an entry in the past, perhaps you are thinking “I want our student section to be the best in the state, but I don’t know how to get started.” You are in luck. Below are some helpful tips for students and schools to help build the kind of student-fan support that could lead to a Battle of the Fans title. These were developed through the CAS Student Activities department, and with the help from our friends at the Michigan High School Association where the Battle of the Fans originated.

So check out these tips, and get started!

Battle of the Fans 2016-17
Tips To Help You Get Started

#1 Work With Your Athletic Director or Designee

  • Schedule meetings, set expectations early on

#2 Organize and Communicate

  • Form a team, check with your video department, yearbook and/or newspaper staff
  • Use facebook, twitter, group texts, and other appropriate ‘connections’

#3 Create Theme Nights

  • Be creative on dress-up decisions, cheers, music, etc.
  • Make sure everyone knows the words

#4 Stay Positive

  • Cheer for your team, not against the other team, cheerleaders, band, etc.
  • Do not berate the officials or referees
  • Be courteous to the visiting parents, media, and fans

#5 Be Loud- Stay Loud and Be Proud

  • From the opening of the contest to the final horn
  • Have a cheer for every situation, teach your student section
  • Be together in perfect unison

#6 Be the extra “man”

  • You are an extension of your team in the stands
  • Look for appropriate ways to interact with the team and the entire student body

#7 Be Original

  • Try out new things or do old things in a new and creative way

#8 M + D = F

  • Music plus Dance equals Fun
  • DJ? Pep Band?
  • Play “your song” at key sections of the contest

#9 Include Everyone

  • Especially underclassmen
  • Parents
  • Community members
  • Middle or Elementary Students

#10 Big or Small, Doesn’t Matter

  • If you have a large student body, stay together
  • If you are a small school, recruit, and get louder

#11 Police Yourself

  • Earn the trust of Administration, Faculty and Staff by taking care of problems that might arise
  • Put students that are respected in charge of your fan base

#12 Represent Your School & Community

  • Take this contest and raising spirit, sportsmanship seriously – the athletic community needs you to set a positive example

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