CIAC Resocialization of Interscholastic Athletics & Activities Guidance

CHESHIRE, Conn. – The CIAC, in conjunction with the Connecticut State Medical Society Sports Medicine Committee, has released guidance for the resocialization of interscholastic athletics and activities programs. The document was also vetted by CAPSS, CABE, CAAD, and the CATA.

The document is intended to provide guidance on considerations for safely returning to interscholastic athletics and activities experiences. It is understood that the guidelines do not fully mitigate any COVID-19 risk and, therefore, school districts, parents, athletes, coaches, and officials should make individual determinations on when it is safe to return. School districts should consult their local departments of public health prior to implementing a return to in-person athletics or activities.

The guidance does not change any previous decisions of the CIAC Board of Control or other CIAC regulations. It can be downloaded from the CIAC website via the following link –

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