Linked Up – 9/28/2012

Linked Up – 9/28/2012

Pink out charity

The Farmington girls soccer team is renewing their Pink Out efforts from a year ago. Photo by Teresa Jo Acampora

Some light reading for the weekend, with an emphasis on some sportsmanship and teams and coaches trying to do their part for charity organizations.

  • From the Greenwich Times: A feature on Greenwich’s long snapper Emmett Odegard. Always nice to shine a light on some of the players that perform jobs that can often get overlooked on the field.
  • From the Hartford Courant: A big cross country invitational this weekend is in honor of coaching legend Harry Geraghty. Don’t want these “Linked Up” posts to be overly sentimental or depressing, but it is always worthwhile to note nice tributes taking place across the sports landscape.
  • Also from the Courant: There was a piece about a “Dig Pink” volleyball event in a previous “Linked Up” now the Farmington girls soccer team is taking part in a “Pink Out” for their match on Friday.
  • From the Milford-Orange Bulletin: Can success in one sport carry over into another? The Foran girls volleyball program believes it can.
  • From the Norwalk Hour: From last weekend, so a touch out-of-date but it’s never too late to pass along a small example of good sportsmanship.
  • From the Shoreline Times: A nice story about a former Guilford standout who is getting one last chance for his big league dream.


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