CIAC Approves New Formula For Tournament Placement

CIAC Approves New Formula For Tournament Placement

CHESHIRE, Conn. – On Thursday the CIAC Board of Control approved a proposal from a CIAC Board Sub-Committee to begin using success in tournament rather than a multiplier as the factor to place schools that draw students from outside their district in tournament classes. The new factor will be used to set the classification for boys and girls basketball in 2013-14 and will be available for other sports beginning that year.

The use of the new success in tournament metric will be voluntary for each sport committee, and applies only to schools that draw students from outside their district boundaries. This includes charter, magnet, vocational technical, vocational agricultural, inter-district magnet, parochial, and project choice programs. The tournament success factor will only be applicable for vocational agricultural and project choice schools when more than 25 students (gender specific) participate in the program from out of district. October 1 enrollment data will be used and will be verified by the school choice office at the State Department of Education. The success in tournament factor will not impact any school that does not draw from outside of its district boundaries.

A sports committee utilizing the factor would first place teams in division by enrollment and then would apply the success factor to re-balance the divisions. Committees which elect to use the procedure will determine which success factor will be used. For example, the procedure will look at success over the past three years in all cases, but a committee may determine the success based on quarterfinal, or semifinal appearances over that time frame.

No school would move more than two divisions initially and if a school continues to have success in a tournament it would continue to move up while schools whose success in tournament drops they would be moved down based on enrollment. The success in tournament factor procedures will be evaluated annually by the CIAC to insure it is meeting its expected purpose.

The sub-committee was asked to evaluate the procedure used to place schools of choice in the basketball tournament after several schools suggested the previous multiplier method was inequitable.

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