CAS-CIAC Membership Approves CIAC By-Law Changes

CAS-CIAC Membership Approves CIAC By-Law Changes

CHESHIRE,Conn.– The Connecticut Association of Schools held its 2013 annual meeting at the CAS-CIAC offices in Cheshire on Thursday morning. As part of its agenda the membership approved seven changes to the CIAC by-laws.

The by-law changes were previously considered and passed by the CIAC Board of Control, but require approval of the CIAC membership at the annual meeting to become enacted.

The following are a summary of the seven by-law changes. The complete language and rationale for the changes can be found on-line here: 

  • The change will add language that CIAC member schools must participate in all CIAC-sponsored sports that are offered by the member school. Failure to comply may result in action by the CIAC Board of Control including termination of membership or appropriate action as determined by the Board.
  • The change permits the use of Sundays after 12:30 p.m. to be used for make-up games in all sports upon the mutual agreement of both schools.
  • The change involves member schools permitting athletes to compete “unattached” for a maximum of three days (a change from the previous rule which allowed two calendar days of which only one is a school day).
  • The change adds language to emphasize that schools can determine whether a student-athlete will be permitted to be excused from a school contest to compete as an “unattached” competitor in other events.
  • The change allows more than three teams to form a cooperative team in any sport as long as no one team exceeds the maximum number of allowed participants and no combination of players exceeds two times the maximum allowed.
  • The change allows schools to use either their grades 9-12 or grades 10-12 enrollment when they apply or re-apply for a cooperative team.
  • The change revises the language to the CIAC policy regarding participation of transgender students in gender specific sports. The change reflects that the CIAC will defer to the determination of the student and his or her local school regarding gender identification.

The by-law changes will be applied beginning with the 2013-14 academic year and will be included in the 2013-14 CIAC Handbook which will be made available in August.

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