Important Information For School Administrators

Important Information For School Administrators

With the school year rapidly approaching the CIAC has distributed a series of information pieces on a variety of topics to school administrators. Each of the information pieces are also included below, and focus primarily on prevention and awareness of heat-related illness, as well as new policy that comes from legislative changes on issues of pool safety and athletics director qualifications.

The first document is a general statement of information on the dangers of heat stress and athletic participation.

The second piece is a series of recommendations hydration for coaches to promote with their athletes.

The CIAC Board of Control voted to require all football programs follow the Korey Stringer Institute Guidelines for combating heat illness, and here are those guidelines that schools must follow.

The NFHS has produced several documents on heat illness and a free course for coaches, and those three documents are all available.

A new Connecticut law was enacted concerning pool safety at schools, and this document outlines what schools need to know.

Similarly a new law was passed last year requiring specific qualifications for the hiring of athletics directors. This document explains the new requirements.

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