CIAC Board of Control Report – 9/19/13

CIAC Board of Control Report – 9/19/13

CHESHIRE,Conn.– The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Board of Control held its second meeting of the school year in Cheshire on Thursday, September 19.

On the agenda were four voting items for the Board, two of which were administrative approvals of previous meeting minutes and treasurer’s report. The Board did approve two other items which were:

  • The Board approved recommended appointments to the CIAC Board of Control and Eligibility Committee to fill vacancies due to retirement and resignation. The Board approved the following appointments: Lee Panagoulias, Principal of Branford High School, for Class M Representative on Board of Control; Michael Sullivan, Assistant Principal of Darien High School, for Assistant Principal At-Large on Eligibility Committee; Eric Baim, Principal of Torrington High School, for At-Large on Eligibility Review Board.
  • The Board approved the formation of and/or asked for volunteers for five sub-committees intended to address five areas in its by-laws that are in need of review or revision. Those committees are: Transfer Rules – Schools of Choice; Eligibility of Foreign Students from Non-CSIET Approved Programs; Out-of-Season Coaching Rules – Camps; CIAC Rules on the Use of Booster Funds; Season Limitations. The committees will hope to have recommendations for the Board on these issues some time during the school year.
  • The Board heard a presentation on the updated and the in-progress redesign for, and the new content within each site.
  • The Board was updated on the sportsmanship ratings week, which runs from October 5-9, and the schedule for the 2013 Sportsmanship Conference which will take place November 21.

The Board of Control is scheduled to meet again on Thursday, October 24.

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