CIAC Board of Control Minutes – 8/21/14

Board of Control Minutes – 8/21/14

Present:  Karissa Niehoff, Steve Wysowski, Sheila Riffle, Joel Cookson, Robert Cecchini, Charles Sharos, Joe Tonelli, George Synnott, Robert Lehr, Paul Hoey, Leroy Williams, Dan Scavone, Trish Witkin, Fred Balsamo, Stephanie Ford, Margaret Williamson, Suzanne Koroshetz, David Wong, Neil Rinaldi, Stephen Patrina, Daniel Sullivan, Brian Mignault, Beth Smith, Eric Baim, Barbara Heddon, Thomas Trojian, Glenn Lungarini

1.1   Review and Approval – CIAC Board of Control Minutes – May 1, 2014, June 13, 2014  – The Board reviewed the minutes from the May 1, 2014 and June 13, 2014 Board of Control meetings. Motion to approve the minutes – Steven Patrina / Dan Sullivan – Approved.
1.2   Treasurer’s Report – Dan Sullivn –The CAS checking and money accounts had a combined of $415,275 at 7/31/14 compared to $752,351 at 7/31/13 (there was a high balance of $1,878,825 on 7/31/14 due to a 1.4 million check that was almost immediately cancelled out). The CAS Reserve accounts totaled $1,388,944 at 7/31/14 compared to $1,280,669 at 7/31/13. The combined balance of the Foundation Checking and Money Market Accounts was $488,464 at 7/31/14 compared to $406,277 at 7/31/13. The Foundation Investment Account had a balance of $1,411,565 at 7/31/14 compared to $1,314,663 at 7/31/13. Motion to approve treasurers report – Dan Sullivan /Beth Smith – Approved.
1.3   Change in Season Limitations Proposal – The Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors brought forward a proposal to make slight alterations to the season limitations proposal. The proposal made minor changes to each season, essentially lengthening the season without adding games out of concern for safety issues to allow more rest time between contests. The proposal had been previously vetted by the Board of Control and the CIAC Season Limitations Committee. Motion to approved the proposed changes to season start dates as stated in proposal – Dan Sullivan / Brian Mignault – Approved.
1.4   Football Committee Proposal for 2015 and 2016 – Leroy Williams, chair of the CIAC Football Committee and Steve Wysowski presented the committee’s proposal for the football postseason structure beginning with the 2015 season. Among the highlights the proposal will include three rounds of postseason, altering the schedule slightly to maximize the rest between rounds, limit teams to a maximum of 10 regular-season games , and create new limits for contact in practice throughout the season. The proposal is for the 2015 and 2016 seasons and will be reviewed again in two years. Motion to approve the proposal from the football committee – Eric Baim / Dan Sullivan – Approved.
1.5   Request for a wiaver of the CIAC Sunday Play Rules – [] wrestling – The Board considered a waiver request from [] to take part in a wrestling tournament over the winter holiday break that includes Sunday competition. The Board felt it needed more details in the request before acting on it and asked the school to provide additional information.
1.6   Request for a wiaver of the CIAC Sunday Rules – [] ice hockey – The Board considered a waiver request from the [] ice hockey team to take part in a tournament over the holiday break which will include Sunday competition. Motion to approve the waiver request for Sunday competition – Sheila Riffle / Suzanne Koroshetz – Approved.
1.7   Letter of Self-Report – Use of an Ineligible Player in One Baseball Game – [] – Board considered a letter of self-report from [] for use of an ineligible player in baseball. The athlete competed on an outside team during the season, and then competed in one game for his team before the incident was discovered. The game in which he participated was forfeited in the spring. Motion to fine the school $100 for the violation – Dan Sullivan / Sheila Riffle – Approved.

2.1   Season Limitations – Previously covered in action items.
2.2   Eligibility of Foreign Students – A sub-committee has considered a new process for eligibility for foreign students, and the possibility that the CIAC Board of Control could serve as the final approval for questionable eligibility. The Board was comfortable with maintaining the current policy on this issue.
2.3   Hall of Honor – Steve Wysowski outlined the plans for the creation of the Hall of Honor to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to CAS-CIAC, with the first induction ceremony in October of 2015.
2.4   Football Championship Format – Previously covered in action items.

3.1   Unified Sports – George Synnott, the new Executive Director of CIAC/Unified Sports provided a report. He noted that for the first time a Unified Sports representative will serve as consultant on the Board of Control for the first time. He provided updates on the status of Unified programs noting that out of 144 high schools capable of fielding programs, 104 have them with seven more expressing interest. Explained the program’s hope to move more towards empowering the leagues to create their own Unified schedule of competition and allowing schools to have more competition opportunities with smaller groups.
3.2   CAS –
3.3   CAPSS –
3.4   CABE –
3.5   Sports Medicine – Dr. Thomas Trojian thanked the Board for its approval of the football proposal and introduced Dr. David Wong who will be taking his place as a consultant for the Board.
3.6   CATA –
3.7   CAAD – Dan Scavone informed the Board that CAAD set goals for the year at its first executive board meeting including creating a 5-year strategic plan. Among its goals are improving communication with Principals and Superintendents and revamping of professional development programs. Recognition of Nicole Graham, NIAAA Scholar Essay Recipients.
3.8   CHSCA – No report, first meeting on September 8.
3.9   Officials – Wrap-up meetings, and rule interpretation meetings concluded successfully. Two members on NFHS Rules Committees.

4.1   Eligibility Committee –  Ten cases heard, nine denied and one tabled with requests for more information.
4.2   Eligibility Review Board – No cases.

5.0   POSSIBLE INITIATIVES FOR THE YEAR – Steve Wysowski presented several possible initiatives from the CIAC office for the year and/or items the Board might want to consider. He asked for feedback on the best way to address some of these items.
5.1   CIAC News Blast – Create CIAC specific news and information sharing for principals, ADs, and coaches.
5.2   Eligibility for transfer students – schools of choice where tuition is collected – Came at request from member principal.
5.3   Out-of-season coaching – Concerns raised with rise of passing leagues.
5.4   Showcases in season – Possibility of altering our rules on this issue.
5.5   Committee membership and Board of Control – Possibility of amending the regulations currently required for being eligible to serve on Board of Control.
5.6   Hall of Honor – Already discussed.
5.7   Students/public person on Board of Control – Should the Board consider adding a student and/or community member s a non-voting member of the Board.
5.8   Social Responsibility – Consider a way to honor schools that excel in social responsibility.
5.9   Legislation – Continue to address legislative issues, including new Concussion Central website.
5.10            Committees watch expenses – Necessary to have committees report on their expenses?
5.11            Getting the Message Out – Focus of the CIAC administrators to get out and be present as much as possible at league meetings, and at other venues.
5.12            Trickle Down Effect to Middle School and Elementary School – Possibility of expanding role of the Board of Control to those entities.
5.13            Season Limitation’s Football – The proposal previously approved is only for two years, Board may need to consider proposals for the future.
5.14            Handbook Revisions Regarding Administrative Presence – Look at possibilities for how to address this.

Dan Sullivan raised the point that addressing some of these topics could be handled with more expediency, while others might require more in-depth meetings. Steve suggested trying to find times for separate meetings to address some of the more in-depth topics.

6.1   Matt Fischer / Joel Cookson – No report
6.2   Robert Lehr – No report
6.3   Joe Tonelli – No report
6.4   Stephanie Ford – Third year Aetna hosted luncheon/symposium for female athletes, 120 attendees. NFHS Network announced Under Armor as first national sponsor. Concussion cards roughly 200,000 to middle schools, high schools, parents, waiting for final approval of sponsorship before sending out the cards.
6.5   Paul Hoey – Serving on legislative task force on youth sports, trying to address regulations for youth sports concerning concussions. Preparing alert for schools on the CIAC regulations and the new laws on concussion.
6.6   Karissa Niehoff – Updated the Board on possible legislative items relevant to high school athletics for the coming year, most notably legislation dealing with pesticide application for athletic fields.

7.1   Paul Hoey recognized Dr. Trojian for his significant contributions to the Board and high school athletics as a consultant and member of the State Medical Society.

NOTE: Next Meeting of the Board – September 25, 2014 – 2 p.m.z

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