CAS-CIAC Announces Creation of Hall of Honor

ciacnewThe Connecticut Association of Schools has launched a new Hall of Honor to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the organization. CAS is creating the program in an effort to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions in all of the categories of service that the organization represents. Those categories include educational leadership, athletic leadership, friend of education, contribution to education, contribution to athletics, service to education and service to athletics. The nomination forms are available for view and download here: Nomination Form (PDF) Nomination Form (Microsoft Word).

The nomination and selection process includes several tiers, but the preliminary round of nominations can be made by anyone, but must be submitted to the appropriate executive board such as the Connecticut High School Coaches Association, CIAC Board of Control, Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors, CAS Board of Control, etc.  Please read the form thoroughly and submit all required information to the executive committee when nominating.

The Hall of Honor was created due to a desire to recognize the immense volunteer contributions over the years that allow the organization to function. As a volunteer organization, CAS/CIAC is dependent on the selfless efforts of thousands of individuals who serve on committees, organize events, host championships and numerous other contributions. Finding a way to express sincere thanks and honor these individuals for their efforts led to the formation of the Hall of Honor. The planned first induction ceremony will be fall of 2015.
Anyone being considered for nomination must have served the CAS/CIAC Organization for a minimum of 10 years and have been a member of CAS-CIAC (Exceptions are considered). All candidates must have made a long-term significant contribution to the organization in one of the categories listed above. Accomplishments must be worthy of state recognition. Longevity without meaningful state impact does not constitute appropriate criteria for Hall of Honor Consideration. Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of ethical conduct, moral character and carry the endorsement of a CAS-CIAC member school representative.
For additional information, including a Microsoft Word version of the nomination form, e-mail Steve Wysowski (swysowskiatcasciacdotorg) or Joel Cookson (jcooksonatcasciacdotorg).

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