CIAC Board of Control – 12/4/14

Board of Control Minutes – 12/4/14

Present:  Paul Newton, Steve Wysowski, Margaret Williamson, Daniel Sullivan, Charles Sharos, Robert Cecchini, Neal Curland, Joe Tonelli, Bob Lehr, Paul Hoey, Stephanie Ford, Joel Cookson, George Synnott, Matt Fischer, Fred Balsamo, Dan Scavone, Trish Witkin, Sheila Riffle, Beth Rasmussen, Anthony Azzara, Karissa Niehoff, Eric Baim, Neil Rinaldi, Brian Mignault, Drew DiPippo.

1.1   Review and Approval – CIAC Board of Control Minutes – October 30, 2014 – The Board reviewed the minutes from the October 30, 2014 Board of Control meeting.
1.2   Treasurer’s Report – Board reviewed the Treasurer’s report. The CAS checking and money market accounts had a combined balance of $616,006 at 10/31/14 compared to $707,694 at 10/31/13. The CAS reserve accounts totaled $1,382,482 at 10/31/14 compared to $1,325,308 at 10/31/13. The combined balance of the foundation checking and money market account was $502,726 at 10/31/14 compared to $414,812 at 10/31/13. The foundation investment account had a balance of $1,414,603 at 10/31/14 compared to $1,357,289 at 10/31/13. Motion to approve the minutes and treasurer’s report as part of consent agenda along with previous meeting minutes – D. Sullivan / E. Baim – Approved.
1.3   Letter of Self-Report – Out of Season Coaching – [ ] – The Board considered a self-report from [ ] for violations of the out-of-season coaching rules by its varsity baseball coach. The coach was observed running an out-of-season practice for members of the team. The school addressed the matter in multiple ways including changing the locks to the facility and outlining out-of-season rules for all coaches. Motion to fine the school $250 – S. Patrina / D. Sullivan – Approved.
1.4   Letter of Self-Report – Use of Ineligible Player – [ ] – The Board considered a self-report from [ ] for use of an ineligible player in three football games. The athlete changed residence without informing the school and continued to inappropriately compete for his previous school. The school immediately informed the CIAC upon learning of the change. The team lost the three games in which the student participated. Motion to fine the school $300 ($100 for each game) and declare forfeits in the three games – B. Smith / A. Azzara – Approved. Motion to rescind the fine under reasoning that school was not at fault for the violation – B. Smith / A. Azzarra – Approved.
1.5   Follow-up report From [ ] – The Board considered a follow-up report from [ ], on its actions to address the Board’s concerns regarding consistent violations of CIAC rules after Weaver was placed on prohibition of competing in CIAC postseason competition. The report detailed specific actions taken by the school district to improve oversight as well as completion of Coaching Education modules on CIAC rules and regulations. Fred Balsamo reported that the modules had been completed and there was increased clarity with the [ ] coaches regarding what is and is not permissible. He also indicated that the [ ] athletic director has been frequently contacted himself or Steve Wysowski with questions to insure rules are being interpreted correctly. Motion to remove prohibition but maintain program probation through original probationary period (spring season 2015) and require an update and review of school’s plan at the conclusion of the probationary period including a written plan on how continue to follow CIAC rules and report any substantive changes in personnel – M. Williamson / S. Patrina – Approved.
1.6   Letter of Alleged Violations From Member School – The Board considered a letter of alleged violations from member school [ ] alleging violations of CIAC recruiting by-laws by [ ]. The letter detailed contact by [ ] boys ice hockey coach with a [ ]student, and provided information on other possible violations of CIAC recruiting by-laws. Motion to appoint an officer to investigate possible violations of CIAC rules – L. Panagoulias / E. Baim – Approved.
1.7   Review of Decision from CIAC Eligibility Review Board – Discussion was held in Executive Session.

2.0   DISCUSSION ITEMS – Discussion Items were tabled for a later meeting.

3.1   Unified Sports – George Synnott reported that more than 1,300 partners and athletes competed in fall Unified Sports soccer tournaments. He also reported that three conference have taken ownership of basketball tournaments and will be running events separately this winter. Unified Sports will hold its annual youth leadership summit on January 8.
3.2   CAS –
3.3   CAPSS –
3.4   CABE –
3.5   Sports Medicine –
3.6   CATA –
3.7   CAAD – Dan Scavone reported that with the help of CAAD Athletic Directors are doing a good job getting certification to improve their professional standing.  There was also great feedback and conversation regarding sportsmanship at the Nov. 20. Reported that Billy “White Shoes” Johnson and Rod Dixon will speak at Athletic Directors conference.
3.8   CHSCA – Had a successful Hall of Fame dinner and will hold its executive board meeting on January 8th.
3.9   Officials – Joe Tonelli reported that he had begun conducting the NFHS Rules survey to various constituents soliciting feedback.

4.1   Eligibility Committee –  Eligibility Committee heard and denied three cases.
4.2   Eligibility Review Board – Eligibility Review Board heard three, approved two and denied one.

5.1   Out-of-season coaching
5.2   College auditions
5.3   Public person/students serving on CIAC Board of Control
5.4   Fines/penalties-Review

6.1   Matt Fischer / Joel Cookson – No report
6.2   Robert Lehr – Reported that recently concluded girls swimming and volleyball championships were highly successful. In particular the volleyball championships which continues to grow.
6.3   Joe Tonelli – Reported the recently concluded field hockey championships were also highly successful.
6.4   Stephanie Ford – Reported that she had finalized an agreement with the US Army as a CAS-CIAC sponsor.
6.5   Paul Hoey – Reported the boys and girls basketball committees selected its honorees for the 2015 basketball championships, and the tournament dedication would be to Joe Tonelli. Golf committee is working on a proposal for a state golf open, and is considering re-surveying on moving season from spring to fall.
6.6   Steve Wysowski – Reported on a controversy involving the semi-final site for football game between Capital Prep/Achievement First and Canton which was moved to Torrington High School. He explained the reasoning for the decision in the event it created more publicity.
6.7   Karissa Niehoff – Reported that Board member Sheila Riffle has been selected the first-year CAS Principal of the Year. She provided information to the group on a class-action lawsuit against the state association of Illinois concerning concussions sustained during competition. This is an issue the CIAC will monitor closely.

7.0   Review of Eligibility Review Board Decision on Student-Athlete Eligibility – Motion to begin executive session to review decision – D. Sullivan / A. Azzarra – Approved.
7.1   Board came out of executive session. Motion to uphold the decision of the eligibility review board concerning eligibility of student-athlete – Approved.

NOTE: Next Meeting of the Board – January 15, 2015 – 2 p.m.

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