Using Caution When Practicing In Heat Conditions

ciacnewWith the extreme heat and humid conditions across the state today and in the immediate forecast, CAS-CIAC urges all schools whether high school, middle school or elementary school, to make safe, appropriate decisions regarding holding or the intensity of practices and activities at all levels.

For CIAC member schools it’s important to note that despite the challenging weather conditions the minimum requirement of 10 practices prior to the first game will not be waived. Schools should note that practices which have been adjusted to feature less physical exertion can be counted towards the practice minimum.

Please contact Steve Wysowski at swysowskiatcasciacdotorg  (swysowskiatcasciacdotorg)   or Karissa Niehoff at kniehoffatcasciacdotorg  (kniehoffatcasciacdotorg)   or 203-250-1111 with any questions.

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