CIAC Board of Control Minutes – 8/27/15

Board of Control Minutes – 8/27/15

Present: Paul Newton, Steve Wysowski, Matt Ryan, Eric Baim, Neil Rinaldi, Joe Monroe, Charles Sharos, Robert Cecchini, Barbara Hedden, Joe Tonelli, Paul Hoey, Robert Lehr, Joel Cookson, George Synnott, Dan Scavone, Drew DiPippo, Sheila Riffle, Beth Smith, Brian Mignault, Anthony Azzara, Margaret Williamson, Steve Patrina, Carl Nissan, Jeff Shanley, Matt Fischer, James Doran

Board of Control Overview – Board members introduced themselves and Karissa Niehoff provided an overview of the work and structure of the Board of Control.


1.1   Review and Approval – CIAC Board of Control Minutes – May 7, 2015 – The Board reviewed the minutes from the May  7, 2015 Board of Control meeting. The group pointed out one spelling error in the attendees from the minutes.
1.2   Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer’s report was presented to the Board. Motion to approve the 5/7/15 minutes with correction, and the treasurer’s report as part of consent agenda – D. Sullivan / E. Baim – Approved.
1.3   Letter of Self-Report – Use of Ineligible Player – [ ] – The Board considered a self-report from [ ] for use of an ineligible player by the boys lacrosse program. The student started the spring season with a different sports program and then joined the lacrosse program in the same season, rendering him ineligible. He competed in eight junior varsity games and did not play at the varsity level. Motion to fine the school $500 ($100 per incident up to $500) – D. Sullivan / B. Smith – Approved.
1.4   Letter of Self-Report – Use of Ineligible Player – [ ] – The Board considered a self-report from [ ] for use of an ineligible player in boys basketball and boys outdoor track and field. The student transferred into Berlin and was in his fifth year of high school, thus violating the eight semester rule, which was not realized prior to competing. He played in one basketball game, which the team lost, and two track meets. Motion to fine the school $300 ($100 per incident) – M. Williamson / M. Ryan – Approved.


2.1   Out of Season Coaching Survey / Site Visits. Steve Wysowski discussed the results of surveys of coaches, athletics directors and principals on whether current out-of-season coaching restrictions should be relaxed. A majority of coaches were in favor of relaxing the rules, while the administrators were more split. This prompted a large discussion on what direction the CIAC should move on this issue when there are different constituencies who are at odds on the issue. The idea was suggested that a sub-committee that includes some superintendents – a group that has expressed opposition to relaxing the restrictions – could work to bring forward a plan the entire Board can discuss. Steve Wysowski also discussed the site visits staff members made during the summer to try and address concerns about violations of out-of-season rules. He said no clear violations were observed though the conditions at some of the events made it challenging to know what students are affiliated with what school. The general thoughts and concerns from the site visits had been shared with all the ADs in the state.
2.2   Drone policy – Steve Wysowski suggested to the Board members the possible need for a policy regarding the use of drones by teams, fans, or media at events. Though the use of the technology is clearly increasing, there is still some uncertainty about what is involved and how to go about establishing a policy. It was suggested this might be another topic a sub-committee could address with the November 19th Board meeting noted as a possible date for sub-committees to try and work on various issues.
2.3   Revising the Handbook – Steve Wysowski suggested another topic for a sub-committee would be looking at the CIAC Handbook and working to clean up the language and try to make it easier to read and understand. This is likely a long-term project but one that the Board agreed is necessary.
2.4   Hall of Honor – Steve Wysowski updated the Board on the plans to honor the first class into the CAS-CIAC Hall of Honor, which will take place October 17. He also indicated that the process has begun to collect nominees for year two of the Hall of Honor.
2.5   NFHS Network – Karissa Niehoff updated the Board on progress with the NFHS Network. She indicated viewership for events has been good in Connecticut relative to other states, but that the state has not been as successful in the implementation of School Broadcast Programs. She expressed CIAC’s interest in helping schools create these programs, including the possibility of hosting a workshop for schools to help them create School Broadcast Programs which the organization believes are great opportunities for schools.


3.1   Unified Sports – George Synnott informed the Board that 90% public high schools now have a Unified Sports program. He added that schools that don’t have the program were sent a letter over the summer informing them of that point, and several have already responded. The plan for the year is to continue to expand the program to middle schools and elementary schools.
3.2   CAS –
3.3   CAPSS –
3.4   CABE –
3.5   Sports Medicine – Dr. Carl Nissan stressed that schools be reminded of the reminder of Korey Stringer Institute protocol to combat issues of heat acclimatization during the pre-season.
3.6   CATA – James Doran told the group the trainers had updated the practice act but that is more relevant for youth sports than for the high school level. There was then a discussion about some issues with the start of RIO injury reporting from James Doran, Dr. Nissan and Karissa Niehoff. The concerns primarily centered arounds data and insuring it would remain anonymous. The information entry should be ongoing and hopefully there will be fewer issues moving forward.
3.7   CAAD – Dan Scavone informed the Board the first formal meeting for the CAAD Executive Board will be Sept. 9 to approve the goals for the year. He thanks CIAC for their work in holding the join workshop for new ADs.
3.8   CHSCA – Charles Sharos informed the Board the first full board meeting will be Sept. 1 and Karissa Niehoff and Steve Wysowski are planning to attend. He also informed the group that former CAS-CIAC Executive Director Mike Savage has been chosen for the CHSCA Hall of Fame.
3.9   Officials – Joe Tonelli said that the fall rule interpretation meetings in full swing, and that the officials organization is continuing to work to maintain and improve cooperation between officials and ADs .


4.1   Eligibility Committee – The Eligibility Committee heard 10 cases, denying seven, tabling two, and approving one.
4.2   Eligibility Review Board – The Eligibility Review Board last met in the spring and heard one case, denying one case.


5.1   Proposal to fill brackets from basketball and baseball committees for 2-year trial
5.2   Survey on possibility of moving boys and girls golf seasons, possible proposal


6.1   Matt Fischer / Joel Cookson – No report
6.2   Robert Lehr – No report
6.3   Joe Tonelli – No report
6.4   Stephanie Ford –  No report
6.5   Paul Hoey – No report
6.6   Steve Wysowski – Informed the Board there was a good group of ADs for the rules workshop, and the group will take another look at the schedule after attendance dropped off for the third day of the event.
6.7   Karissa Niehoff – Informed the Board that CIAC would be distributing information on the Anyone Can Save A Life program to all member schools over the next few weeks. The program was created by the Minnesota State Association and is an easy program to implement for schools to have plans in place to deal with catastrophic injury situations.

NOTE: Next Meeting of the Board – September 24, 2015 – 2 p.m.

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