Drone Use Prohibited At CIAC Tournament Events

The use and accessibility of drones (unmanned aerial systems) has steadily increased over recent years, and the safety issues corresponding to their use prompted action from the CIAC Board of Control at its October 29, 2015 meeting.

The Board approved a new policy prohibiting the use of drones at CIAC postseason events. The complete policy is below, and is effective as of November 1, 2015. The CIAC is aware of the challenges in enforcing this policy as it may not always be easy to identify the operator of a drone, or where it originated, but request site directors make every effort to prohibit use in an effort to protect the safety of competitors and spectators and avoid disruption of competition.

“UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEMS AT CIAC SANCTIONED EVENTS: The use of unmanned aerial systems, often referred to as drones, is prohibited for any purpose by any persons at all CIAC sanctioned postseason events. This policy includes not only the restricted playing area of the venue(s), but also the physical confines of the entire stadium/field/arena structure. For the purpose of this policy, an unmanned aerial system is any aircraft without a human pilot on board.”

This policy is only in effect for CIAC sanction postseason events. Local school and district policy dictates whether drone use is permissible at regular season competitions.

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