End Of Seasons Offers Chance For Feedback

Glastonbury holds aloft the Class LL championship plaque after prevailing in overtime. Michael McAndrews - Hartford Courant.

The conclusion of the championship season is a good time to offer feedback. – Hartford Courant.

The end of a sports season (hopefully) offers schools and their staff an opportunity to take a breath, regroup and collect their thoughts from the past few months. The same is true for the CIAC, and that reflection in most cases also takes the form of meetings with sports committees to discuss the past season and address concerns or potential changes.

As hopefully this NewsBlast has emphasized and schools are aware, the involvement of membership drives much of the operations and policies for CIAC sponsored sports. With that in mind, and as many fall sports wrap up, we suggest that if coaches or administrators have issues they want considered in regard to particular sports or policies that now is a good time to bring them forward. The most efficient way to do that is to work with your professional organization whether that be the Connecticut High School Coaches Association, or the Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors. Principals are also encouraged to communicate with their representatives on various CIAC committees. Each of those group has representation on the committees that takes part in making various decisions for those sports.

Now is a great time to get involved in the process, and while not every opinion and suggestion is going to be adopted or every rule changed, but we do want our membership involved in the process.

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