New Years Resolution – Keep Celebrations Off The Glass

Ice Hockey New Years’ Resolution – Don’t Celebrate on the Glass after Goals!

As the hockey season gets into full swing the CIAC Ice Hockey Committee would like to remind the coaches, captains and players to please continue to avoid celebrating a goal or a victory on or near the glass or by jumping against the boards. This initiative was emphasized prior to 2015 ice hockey tournament, and especially at the semifinal and final games at Ingalls Rink, and the response from the ALL teams was outstanding. The “Keep off the Glass” message was also emphasized at this year’s preseason coaches and captains meeting at CIAC that had the best attendance ever.

First and foremost, we are concerned about the safety of the participants as serious injury can occur if the glass breaks. We also must respect the rinks, since it is time consuming and expensive to replace the glass, which could result in games being cancelled. It could also jeopardize our opportunity to continue to use certain tournament venues. We would ask the athletic directors to also get this message to fans whose instincts are to bang on the glass. We understand players and fans want to celebrate and be enthusiastic, but we need to keep away from the glass. We have also asked the refs to remind the players about this prior to games to help us accomplish this important goal as we continue to make high school ice hockey a great game and a safe game to play.

The CIAC Ice Hockey Committee thanks you in advance for your cooperation and wishes all teams the very best of luck as we ring in the New Year.

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