Boys & Girls Soccer Committee Meeting Minutes 11/6/15


November 6, 2015

Present:  Carl Babb, John Blomstrann, Michael Bosworth, Lindsey Boutilier, Abe Breslow, Richard Cavallaro, Jon Cohn, Joseph DelBuono, David Dennehy, Lynne Flint, Scott Giegerich, Jon Harder, Linda Iacobellis, Jean Kelleher, Marc Kenney, Scott McMahon, Jim O’Brien, Bill Phelps, Terry Schanbacher, Charles Sharos, Dave Tanner, Dan Woog, Paul Hoey.

Review and Approval of the March 4, 2015 Committee Meeting Minutes – After review and discussion the committee moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion to approve – C. Babb / second M. Bosworth / approved

Review of the Red/Yellow Card Report for the 2015 Season – Staff provided a copy of the card report for 2015.  No team exceeded the maximum allowed although several were close.  Schools placed on probation by the committee for excessive cards during the 2014 season were reviewed and none exceeded the maximum allowed and will be removed from probation for the 2016 season.  Being removed from probation are the following schools:

Bacon Academy – 1 Red / 7 Yellow (8)
Crosby High School – 0 Red / 4 Yellow (4)
Nathan hale Ray High School – 0 Red / 5 Yellow (5)
Masuk High School – 0 Red / 5 Yellow (5)
Naugatuck High School – 0 Red / 4 Yellow (4)
Seymour High School – 0 Red / 5 Yellow (5)
Somers High School – 0 Red / 1 Yellow (1)
Windsor Locks High School – 0 Red / 8 Yellow (8)

The number of cards on the boys side has increased with a greater number of schools having in excess of nine cards.  The committee was asked to watch this growth and if necessary to return to the old rule which required a ten (10) minute sit-out on a caution.

The committee will review the final report at their January meeting and determine which schools will be required to meet with the committee to review improvement/action plans.

Review and Approval of the 2015 State Championship Pairings – After review and discussion the committee moved to approve the pairings as presented.  Motion to approve the boys 2015 pairings as presented – J. Blomstrann / second B. Phelps / approved.   Motion to approve the 2015 girls pairings as presented – M. Kenney / second M. Bosworth / approved.

Review of Possible Sites and Times of the Semi-finals and Finals – The committee reviewed the possible sites for the semi-finals.  All games will be single games and the tournament director will make the determination on which games will be played where.  Middletown, Falcon Field, Municipal Stadium and West Haven will be primary sites and the remaining games played at facilities that have offered their site.  The finals will be played at Middletown, Falcon Field, West Haven and Municipal Stadium – each site will have two games starting at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Tournament Director Report – Charlie Sharos and Joe DelBuono both reported that all is in order at this point and if the weather continues to cooperate there should be no issues.  Joe reported that officials are all set to go.

Committee Coverage – Semi-finals / Finals – Committee members were asked to assist by providing coverage at semi-final and final games and to help present awards at the finals.


  • Filling Tournament Brackets to 32 with teams with less than a 40% win record – The committee briefly discussed the concept of filling brackets to 32 teams which boys/girls basketball and baseball will be doing starting with the 2016 championships.  The committee expressed a desire to explore this further and more details will be presented at the January meeting of the committee.
  • Tie break procedures – The committee discussed possible changes to the present tie break procedures in multi-team ties and the use of head-to-head as a criteria to break ties.  The committee was asked to consider going with a point system based upon the teams complete season and not one game in a head-to-head situation.  New procedures will be presented to the committee for consideration at the January meeting.
  • Time of the January 27, 2016 meeting – Committee members requested the time of the January 27, 2016 meeting be moved to 3:00 p.m. if at all possible.  The time was set for 2:00 p.m. not knowing how many schools would be required to meet with the committee for excessive red/yellow cards during the 2015 season.  The time will be adjusted as needed once the number of schools is determined.

Date and Time of Next Meeting(s) – January 6 at 3:00 p.m.;  January 27 TBD;  March 31 at 3:00 p.m.

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