Boys & Girls Cross Country Committee Meeting Minutes 11/17/15


November 17, 2015

Members present:  Bill Baron, Kevin Burke, Mike Cohen, Brian Collins, Aaron Flamino, Jim Ford, Travis Gale, Tim Geary, Judy LaFontaine, Mark Logan, Ed Lucas, Gene Waring, Donn Friedman-Chair, Steve Wysowski and Joe Tonelli-CIAC staff.

Call to order – The meeting was called to order by Donn Friedman at 3:35 p.m.

Minutes – On a motion by Mike Cohen, the minutes of November 18, 2014 were approved.

Income and Expenses – The income and expenses associated with the meets was incomplete at this time.  With good weather, our share of the parking and admission fee was $7,365 which was just a few hundred dollars less than last year ($7,700).  Although we state in the packet that we will charge a $10 parking and admission fee for both the Class and Open Meets, we have been charging $10 for the Class Meets and only $5 for the Open.  However, in 2016 we plan to charge $10 for the Open as well.  The park gets the first $5 dollars.

Correspondence – Committee member Gene Waring to Steve – Road Races – suggests that the committee revisit the prohibition, since most are charity events.  Steve informed Gene that we also heard from other schools who made the same recommendation and the item is on the agenda.

Committee Jim Ford to Steve and Donn – Chip Timing – The FCIAC uses chip timing and Coach Jim Gerweck has access to the system.  It was placed on the agenda.

NFHS Online Meeting – The NFHS track and field online rule interpretations meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 19, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.

Old Business – As you will recall, we previously clarified the language on road races and “maniac” type races because we had a few violations of the “Road Races” rule which rendered several athletes ineligible.  However, in spite of the belief by some committee members at that time that the ban should be reconsidered, the discussion in 2013 resulted in the rule being clarified and reaffirmed.  In the 2015 season, despite the increased awareness, we had the most road race violations ever which caused many people from across the state to weigh-in on this issue an several requests were made to have CIAC re-examine the rule.  A draft proposal to eliminate the prohibition on road races was thoroughly discussed by the committee.

Following the discussion, a motion was made by Coach Gene Waring that would make it permissible, with the approval of the coach and athletic director, for in-season cross country runners to participate in road races.  The motion was approved by a majority vote of the committee.

The motion authorizes the central office staff to finalize the language in the proposal to be presented to the CIAC Board.  The language will take into consideration some of the points that were raised by the committee members.  We will keep you posted.

Chip Timing – When the committee previously discussed the use of chip timing, the committee reaffirmed its position that bib chips are not essential for our meets for two reasons:  1) The timing system and the finish line procedures that we currently use are working well; and 2) Cost has to be a consideration.  All agreed to revisit the topic and a thorough discussion took place.  Jim Ford provided the committee with the information he was able to obtain through a personal survey he conducted with colleagues from other states.  He also passed on information from Jim Gerweck.  All agreed that chips would not take the place of the current timing system, but rather it would work in concert with what we currently use.  Steve plans to get Jeremy and Jim Gerweck together so we can obtain an accurate cost for the chips and exactly how the system works.

Medical Coverage for Meets at Wickham Park – Joe Tonelli stated that an ambulance and an adequate number of trainers are hired for all CIAC meets held at Wickham Park by the meet director.  It is also necessary to notify the office of the fire chief when large meets are held.  Although Bill Baron contacted the trainer service agency two months in advance it was a challenge for us to get trainers for the Open because the school trainers were busy at their own schools.  Fortunately, we finally were able to adequately cover both meets.  Having an ambulance on site is a must and works well.

New Business

2015 State meet Summary – Bill Baron stated that the 2015 “State Meet” and “Open Championship” races went very well.  The weather was good for the Class meets and a little warmer than we would like for the Open.  Everything seemed to run smoothly.  We did have some athletes affected by the heat and we had a rear pile up that generated some committee discussion.  Special thanks to Bill Baron and his team of workers for their effort in running these quality events.

Update of Packet – Donn reviewed the suggested updates to the boys and girls cross country packet.  After discussion and by unanimous consent, the committee approved the 2016 tournament packet with the appropriate revisions.  Donn will make the final changes suggested by the committee.  A few committee members will review the packet before Donn submits the final draft to Judy.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.  The next meeting of the boys and girls cross country committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 3:30 p.m.

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