Boys Volleyball Committee Meeting Minutes 11/16/15


November 16, 2015

Present:  Nancy Bond, John Zadnik, Donna Rackie, Garrett Covino, Juliette Givens, Barbara Startup, Anthony Verderame, Bob Lehr

The status of multi-game tournaments was discussed.  It appears that multi-game tournaments are gaining some traction in Connecticut, although other states continue to host the majority of them.

There was discussion on the present warm-up procedure.  It was decided to not make any changes to the present format.

It was decided to not pre-select a final site for the CIAC tournament.  The final site will be selected by the tournament director after he sees the teams that are advancing through the tournament.

Motion by Juliette Givens and seconded by Garrett Covino – first round games will be held on June 1, 2016.  Motion passed.

Motion by Garrett Covino and seconded by John Zadnik – the finals to be played on Thursday, June 9, 2016.  Motion passed.

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